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UAIOE 04-23-07 01:16 PM

FT/FS Metal Slug 3 (XB), CDX lot, magazines

Cart only Valis games

Valis (JP)
SD Valis aka Syd of Valis (JP)
Valis 3 (US version)

Metal Slug 3 XBOX
Metal Slug 3
Game was given to me and I had to replace the green XBOX case with a black DVD case because the green case was broken. Disc plays fine and doesn't have any scratches.


Nintendo Power

EGM issue 46 MAY 1993 (like new condition)

Looking for

Gauntlet: Seven sorrows (xbox)
Kung Fu Chaos Manual
Alien Storm Box (Gen)
Lifeforce Box and manual
Wolfchild (Sega CD)
Wonderdog (Sega CD)
Sega Arcade Gallery (GBA)
Wireless Genesis 6-button controllers (official)

Looking for EGM issues 29 or 47 in trade in readable condition (all the pages and both front and back covers).

Or also EGM Buyers Guide 1990, 1992, or 1994.

Lesser want: EGM issue 139

clappj 04-23-07 02:27 PM

How much for Metal Slug 3?

UAIOE 04-24-07 01:47 PM

$14 shipped (priority)

clappj 04-25-07 08:48 AM

Originally Posted by UAIOE
$14 shipped (priority)

Thanks, but I'm going to pass.

UAIOE 04-25-07 11:25 PM

I'm really looking more towards trading "Metal Slug 3" than anything.

clappj 04-27-07 06:11 PM

Originally Posted by UAIOE
I'm really looking more towards trading "Metal Slug 3" than anything.

I have a few Sega CD games, but neither of the two on your want list.
If you want, I can dig them up and let you know what all I have.

UAIOE 04-28-07 12:11 AM

If you have a list of things for trade including those Sega CD games i'll take a look at it.

I'm also looking for about 10 empty Xbox game cases (no stickers on them).

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