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mee2 02-20-07 02:40 PM

FT: Wii + extra wiimote & nunchuck for PS3
Hi, i have a MIN condition Wii syste, which includes all documentation and boxes, plus a wiimote & nunchck controller as well as Wii Sports. The system has literally only been played twice.

I'm looking to trade for a PS3 system, 20 or 60gig, and i'll also throw in some cash to even out the deal.

I'm on the good traders list.


Michael Corvin 02-21-07 03:29 PM

A $250 system for a $500-$600 one? Sign me up! :lol:

pinata242 02-21-07 03:33 PM

Might get some takers. At least you can find a PS3 with little effort. Although if you're willing to "even it out with cash", you might as well just sell the Wii for cash and buy your own PS3.

mee2 02-22-07 02:51 PM

Originally Posted by Michael Corvin
A $250 system for a $500-$600 one? Sign me up! :lol:

That's why i said i'd throw in cash to make up the difference.

Josh H 02-24-07 02:49 PM

Yeah, you're probably better off listing a price for the Wii (or putting it on craigs list or ebay).

That way you can get a new PS3 instead of a used one and probably come out about the same out of pocket as you would in a trade plus cash.

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