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Apocrypha 01-31-07 11:02 AM

A couple Wii games for trade
I have mint copies of
Trauma Center:SO

looking for any other wii titles but especially Rayman and Madden maybe red steel
LKM on thread and we can exchange emails
gold trader
ship 1st class with DC
Thanks for reading

KurrptSenate 01-31-07 12:21 PM

i have Rayman I'd trade for Excite Truck

whats ur email?

Michael Corvin 01-31-07 01:51 PM

I wouldn't mind Trauma Center. Anything else on your want list?

gimmepilotwings 01-31-07 02:59 PM

I would like either one of those games.

I have Super Monkey Ball and 4x4 Extreme Racing with Steering Wheel.

let me know.

Nidreu 02-01-07 04:48 AM

Have Rayman and Madden 07, interested in trauma center.

I'm a gold trader, send me an email.

Silly Burrito 02-02-07 08:38 PM

Have Madden 07 for the Wii, would like Excite Truck.


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