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Trevor 06-01-06 03:09 PM

Free magazines/books for local DC area pickup
I am spring cleaning and will soon throw away the following:

100 or so old PC Gaming magazines from the 1990's (PC Gamer, CGW, etc)

100 or so PC and Video Game magazines from the last 3 or so years

30 or so video game hint books for Xbox and Gamecube

30 or more hint guides from old PC games (the 90s)

I will NOT ship anything, look for an individual issue or game book, or anything else that involves any work on my part. I want to either throw them away or give them to someone that would appreciate them, not re-sell them.

This is all trash most likely. But I used to be ocd and save everything, and maybe there is someone like the old me in the Northern VA area that would appreciate these.

Email me if interested please. Thanks.

Trevor 06-15-11 01:13 PM

Re: Free magazines/books for local DC area pickup
Still haven't gotten rid of this crap, so might as well bump.

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