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For trade

Games are complete unless noted otherwise. I am looking for Nintendo DS Lite games, PSP games, Xbox360 games, and iPod Video (and maybe an iPod Nano). I prefer to get games off my wanted list but will be interested in others too for the systems listed above.

DC Soul Calibur (disc-only)

GB Double Dragon (JP/Import) (cart-only)
GBC Pokemon Blue (cart-only)
GBA Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

GC Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
GC Super Smash Bros. Melee (disc-only)
GC Wario Ware Inc. (disc-only)
GC Zelda Collector's Edition (no manual)
GC Gamecube Power Adapter
GC Mad catz memory card 251 4X
GC memory card 1019 (white)
GC memory card 251 (black)

GEN Battletoads Double Dragon
GEN Fatal Fury
GEN Hardball III (for GEN and MegaDrive) (cardboard box)
GEN Outlander
GEN Risk
GEN Sonic 2
GEN Strider (cart-only)
GEN Wonder Boy in Monster World (cart-only)

N64 Mario Party (cart + manual + N64 memory card + transparent case)
N64 Mario Party 2 (cart + manual + N64 memory card + transparent case)
N64 Mario Tennis (cart + manual + N64 memory card + transparent case)
N64 N64 system
N64 N64 system - Jungle Green
N64 Pokemon Snap (cart-only)
N64 Super Smash Bros (cart-only)

NES Airwolf (cart-only)
NES Battletoads (cart-only)
NES Bionic Commando (cart-only)
NES Castlevania (cart-only)
NES Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (cart-only)
NES Commando (cart-only)
NES Destination: Earthstar
NES Donkey Kong Classics (cart-only)
NES Double Dragon II: The Revenge (cart-only)
NES Double Dragon II: The Revenge
NES Dr. Chaos (cart-only)
NES Dragon Spirit (manual-only)
NES Dragon Warrior (cart-only)
NES Dynowarz (no box)
NES Golf (cart-only)
NES Gyromite (cart-only)
NES Gyruss (cart-only)
NES Heavy Shreddin' (cart-only)
NES Hogan's Alley (cart-only)
NES Hudson Hawk (cart-only)
NES Jackal (cart-only)
NES Karate Kid (cart-only)
NES Knight Rider (cart-only)
NES Kung-Fu Heroes (cart-only)
NES Meg Man 6 (cart-only)
NES Mega Man 2 (cart-only)
NES Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!! (cart-only)
NES Monster Party (cart-only)
NES Ninja Gaiden (no box)
NES Ninja Gaiden (cart-only)
NES Pinball (cart-only)
NES R.C. Pro-Am (cart-only)
NES R.C. Pro-Am
NES Rygar (cart-only)
NES Section Z (cart-only)
NES Silver Surfer
NES Spy Hunter (no box)
NES Star Voyager (cart-only)
NES StarTropics (cart-only)
NES Street Fighter 2010 (cart-only)
NES Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (cart-only)
NES T&C Surf Design (cart-only)
NES Teeanage Mutant Ninja Turtles (cart-only)
NES Thrilla's Surfari (cart-only)
NES Wild Gunman (cart-only)
NES Wizards & Warriors (cart-only)
NES Wizards & Warriors II: IronSword (cart-only)
NES WWF Wrestlemania (cart-only)
NES WWF Wrestlemania Challenge (cart-only)
NES Xenophobe (cart-only)
NES XEXYZ (no box)

PCE Doraemon Meikyu Daisakusen (HuCard) (complete)
PCE Fire Pro Wrestling (HuCard) (complete)
PCE Jigoku Meguri (HuCard) (complete)
PCE Jimmu Densho Yaksa (HuCard) (complete)
PCE Tatsunoko Fighter (HuCard) (complete)
PCE Youkai Dochuki (HuCard) (complete)

PS2 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 (disc-only)
PS2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (no manual)
PS2 Silent Hill 2 (no manual)
PS2 Stunt GP

PSP Need For Speed: Most Wanted
PSP Darstralkers Chronicles
PSP Virtua Tennis
PSP Hot Shots Golf: Fore (umd-only)

PSX Barbie Super Sports
PSX Brave Fencer Musashi (disc-only)
PSX Caesar's Palace 2000
PSX Castlevania: SOTN (disc-only)
PSX Einhander (disc-only)
PSX Eternal Eyes (disc-only)
PSX Final Fantasy Anthology (disc-only)
PSX Final Fantasy IX
PSX Final Fantasy Origins
PSX Final Fantasy VIII (no manual)
PSX Mega Man 8: Anniversary CE (no manual)
PSX Mega Man Legends
PSX Metal Gear Solid
PSX Metal Slug X (no case)
PSX Parasite Eve
PSX Parasite Eve (discs-only)
PSX Resident Evil Director's Cut
PSX Resident Evil: Director's Cut (no case)
PSX Rival Schools (disc-only)
PSX Silent Hill (no case)
PSX Star Wars Demolition
PSX Xenogears + strategy guide

SegaCD Bill Walsh College Football
SegaCD Sewer Shark (no case)
SegaCD Star Wars Rebel Assault

SFC Prince of Persia (no manual)
SFC Street Fighter II (no manual)

SNES Animaniacs (cart-only)
SNES Clay Fighter (cart-only)
SNES Datel Pro Action Replay
SNES Final Fight (cart-only)
SNES Mega Man X (cart-only)
SNES Mickey Mania: Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (cart-only)
SNES Monopoly (no box)
SNES Mortal Kombat II (cart-only)
SNES Samurai Showdown (cart-only)
SNES Street Fighter II (cart-only)
SNES Super Castlevania IV (cart-only)
SNES Super Mario All - Stars (cart-only)
SNES Super Mario Kart (no box)
SNES Super Street Fighter (cart-only)
SNES Wario's Woods (cart-only)
SNES WWF RAW (cart-only)
SNES Zelda LTTP (no box)

TG16 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

XBOX360 Need For Speed: Most Wanted

XBOX Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30
XBOX Ninja Gaiden:Black + strategy guide (I'm almost done with it!)
XBOX Headset
XBOX High Definition AV cable

DVD Family Guy Stewie Story
DVD Family Guy Volume 1 (season 1 and 2)
DVD Simpsons - Season 1
DVD Simpsons - Season 3
DVD Predator
DVD Transformers: Heroes
DVD Transformers: Villains

MISC Sony RM-AX4000 remote commander
MISC Bose 100 speakers
MISC Infinity sorround + center channel
MISC CamelBak Storm 100 oz / 3 liters (brand new) (desert brown)
MISC CamelBak ThermoBak 70 oz / 2 liters (brand new) (black)
MISC Sharper Image Ionic Breeze -BATHROOM

MISC Final Fantasy IX Diary
MISC Final Fantasy action figures (Coke Japan Promo)

DS Lite
New Super Mario Bros. DS
Mario Kart DS
Tetris DS
Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition PS2
Tomb Raider: Legend Xbox360
Far Cry: Instinct Predator Xbox360
Charge & Play Kit Xbox360
iPod Video
iPod Nano

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