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cooey 04-29-06 07:25 AM

FS: NEW White PSP Value Pack + 1GB Memory Card
Hi there guys

This is a bit of a long shot seeing as I'm in the UK but I'll give it a go:


A new white PSP value pack (firmware is 2.50) which consists of the following:

- White PSP
- Original Charger
- UK Charger
- 32 MB Memory Card
- Headphones
- Case & Wrist strap
- Instruction Manual (As a PDF file on a CD-ROM)
- 1 GB Memory Card



Looking for - 165 + postage (whatever method you like)

1 dead pixel from what I can see in the lower left hand corner of the screen, which is hardly noticeable at all, I only caught a slight glimpse of it when the PSP was turned on, on the homepage I couldn't see it at all

Payment info:

Bank transfer most preferred, but will also aceept PayPal (4% must be added to cover fees)

Buyer pays all shipping costs

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heavywear 04-29-06 09:59 AM

so what is that in US $? sorry for my ignorance

clappj 04-29-06 02:58 PM

Originally Posted by heavywear
so what is that in US $? sorry for my ignorance

What's up Jake? :)
This site is great for currency conversions.

165.00 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 301.182 USD United States Dollars


cooey 04-29-06 07:27 PM

I will happily listen to sensible offers by the way :)

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