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hogfishmaster 10-10-04 09:26 PM

Atari 2600 (vader), Gamecube, N64, Sega Master & Genesis, Nomad, Snes And More!!
Sega master system (complete)

sms games:
quartet (cart. only)
world grand prix (complete)
hang on & safari hunt (complete)

Sega genesis system 1 (complete)

Sega nomad (w/ power cord)

Sega genesis/ nomad games:
Toejam and earl in panic on funkotron (w/box)
Jurassic park (complete)
Ecco the dolphin (W/BOX)
Sonic the hedgehog (complete)
Sonic the hedgehog 2 (complete)
Adventures of rocky and bullwinkle (w/box)
Cool spot (complete)
Aladdin (w/box)

Atari 2600 system (black vader) complete

Atari 2600 games: all cart. only
jungle hunt
chopper command
raiders of the lost ark
pac man
q bert
donkey kong
space invaders

Nintendo 64 system (complete)

n64 games, etc. (all cart only)

donkey kong
tony hawk pro skater
tony hawk pro skater 2
pokemon snap
007 world is not enough
nfl blitz 2000
nfl blitz
doom 64
pokemon puzzle league
resident evil 2
007 goldeneye
hybrid heaven
mystical ninja
diddy kong racing
wave race 64
n64 expansion pack

Black gamecube system

gamecube games:

metroid prime
nfl 2k3
monster's inc.
rocket power beach bandits (sealed)

snes games:

super metroid
mario world
james bond jr.
black bass (complete)

Let me know what you got! I am looking for other games/ systems and dvds.

TnK4God 10-10-04 11:53 PM

I think that you have a copy of rocket power beach bandits....not rugrats, they did not make a rugrats beach bandits game.

gameman-15 10-18-04 08:24 PM

Im intrested in your sega nomad system. Check my trade list at: www.gameman15.bravehost.com

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