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Lastblade 08-28-04 01:34 PM

Stuff FS/FT (Classic Videogames stuff)
Hi all. I am looking for a used Gamecube, it must have the digital out in the back (new models now don't have this). Other than that, as long as it is working in good condition, color doesn't matter. Extra accessories would be nice (controller, memory cards, games).

My email is [email protected]

Here are the stuff I have for trade (or sale):

I am looking for a Gamecube with digital output (newer models don't have this). I prefer platnium but I guess it doesn't matter. Games and accessories would be nice extras!

Here are what I got for trade! We can negotiate till we are both happy!

Hello Kitty Tamagochi & Dance Dance Revolution Handhelds - $30 obo
-Both are import, in near mint condition and complete
-Perfect for girlfriend/SO who loves Hello Kitty stuff

Picture of Hello Kitty Stuff


7 Atari Jaguar Games package - all complete in great condition - $45 obo:

01-Iron Soldier
04-Castle Wolfenstein 3D
05-Power Drive Rally
07-Highlander CD (doesn't have the original big box but in original CD sleeve with instruction)

Picture of Jaguar Games


12 Saturn games and stuff package - $85 obo

01-Chaos Control (Import)
02-Chaos Seed (Import)
03-Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden 1 (Import)
04-Ninku (Import)
05-Sega Touring Car Championship
07-Primal Rage
08-The Legend of Oasis (cracked case)
09-World Series Baseball 98 (cracked case)
10-Crypt Killer
11-Street Fighter Alpha 1
12-Sakura Wars 1 Limited Edition (includes mouse)

-Brand New Mission Stick controller

Picture of Saturn stuff


6 Sega Genesis Games Package - $20

01-Revenge of Shinobi
02-The Punisher (Missing instruction)
04-Road Rash II
06-Virtua Racing (Loose)

Picture of Genesis games


Front Mission Super Famicom - $15

Picture of Front Mission games

BryKasch 09-07-04 08:28 PM

I want the hello kitty bemani. pm me back

ChrisHicks 09-29-04 12:14 PM

I am interested in the Jag games.

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