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dolphinboy 08-25-04 03:16 AM

Would you possibly be interested in my like new X-Box for only $75?

My wife and I bought an X-Box only a short time ago thinking it would be fun to have. We never really took to it and it's now sitting in its original box in a closet doing no one any good.

It is truly like new, pristine in fact, it would come in the original box, all the wire and controller, and with the game Sega GT Racer and Jetset Radio Fighter, and for only $75

I will not mess with anyone to make it seem like I'd try and profit from postage. Rather if someone says that they want it for sure, we can exchange personal info and I'll even call you. I will then go to the UPS store and get them to give me a list of all the prices for shipping and packing, from the lowest to the highest. I would then contact you back and tell you the exact price. I would also include a copy of the receipt from the UPS store, so that you had proof that the price I quoted you was the exact price I paid.

The console has only had a total of 7 games in it and those games didn't get played much at all. You can also ask me for what games I have and if you want them, we could work out a fair price on any of them you might want.

I have a verified paypal account and an Ebay account that you can check out. I am not a business and I've only sold or purchased small items like dvds or cds on Ebay. I truly don't want to deal with an auction for something like this even if it might bring me a little bit more money. Too much risk for me and too much hassle. I'd like to avoid it, so that's why I asked permission from the mod here to try and sell it here first.

I can accept payment from a paypal balance, direct deposit or even an e-check, but not from a credit card because I don't have the upgraded account. As I mentioned, I'm not a business.

Finally, if for any reason you get the X-box and aren't happy with it, you can return it for a full refund. I'll sign a receipt to put in with the shipment that says I will offer a refund if you don't like it for any reason. But, as I've said, it's really not too far away from being brand new. If you saw it, you wouldn't be able to tell if I had gotten it that very day.

So, please e-mail me if you are interested and I hope that I can get you something you want and you can take something off of my hands that I no longer want.


[email protected]

nonametofame 08-25-04 03:24 AM


nova 08-25-04 04:26 PM

Might be interested as well. LMK if it's still available. Thanks!

imp66 08-25-04 11:50 PM

Interested if still available.

IamFlip 08-26-04 02:54 AM

i am interested as well

cleaver 08-26-04 02:46 PM


Spicollidriver1 08-26-04 09:54 PM

GRRR must resist another one to make it a linux box.

jawn 09-02-04 08:34 PM

Do you still have the xbox? If so, I'm interested! :)

heavywear 09-03-04 11:42 AM

He told me via email it was sold, Dead thread mods

clappj 09-03-04 03:04 PM

Originally posted by heavywear
He told me via email it was sold, Dead thread mods
Yeah, I bought it.

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