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Bruce_S 02-02-04 03:48 PM

FT: PS2/ Xbox/PC games
I have the following to trade:

Jak 2
Splinter Cell
GTA:Vice City
Crazy Taxi
Virtua Figher 4:Evolution
SSX Tricky
Metal Gear Solid
Soldier of Fortune
MotoGP 2

Madden 2004 (disc only)
Sega GT/Jetset Radio Future

PC Games:
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
James Bond: Nightfire
Links 2001
Chessmaster 8000
Flight Simulator 2000

All offers will be entertain.


IamFlip 02-02-04 05:38 PM

Please check my trade lists for
Jak 2
Madden 2004 (disc only)

chess 02-02-04 09:17 PM

Please check my thread for Jak 2 as well...




Bruce_S 02-02-04 10:29 PM

IamFlip and Chess,

I see nothing of interest.


IndyDVDGuru 02-03-04 09:29 AM

How about a mint copy of Dead to Rights (PS2) to Jak 2?

Interested? Thanks!

Bruce_S 02-03-04 01:28 PM


No thanks.

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