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Kman1011 07-02-03 08:45 PM

Whole lotta GC games ft
Ok here they are

Legends of Wrestling 2
Extreme G force
Wave Race
NFL 2k3
Knockout Kings 2003
Zelda the wind waker
Need for speed 2
Ghost recon
Wave race
WWE crush hour\
madden 2002
Home run king
Super Mario Sunshine
Medal of Honor Frontline
NHL hitz 2002
X men next dimension
Scooby Doo

INterested in these GC games
hitman 2
splinter cell
winnie the pooh
Rocket power
NBA street 2
Nick toons
Any disney sport games
Any backyard series games

Interested in many more, willing to trade 2 for 1 or in extrem measures 3 for 1 if my title is a lame budget cheapo title.

IamFlip 07-03-03 03:21 AM

I am interested in:
Zelda the wind waker
Super Mario Sunshine
Medal of Honor Frontline
Need for speed 2
Wave race

Please check my trade lists. Thanks.

Absolute Zero 07-14-03 01:36 PM

Anything of interest from<a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=302254"> my list</a> for Wave Race or Zelda?

Kman1011 07-24-03 09:23 PM

Up for more offers. Zero- let me think about it.

LBCrazyFool 07-24-03 11:19 PM

Interested in Need For Speed II. Have Madden 2003 and NBA Courtside 2002. Willing to trade both. Let me know...



the action 07-26-03 06:53 PM

I have a barely played copy of the sims, Zelda was the only game on your list that interested me. email me if your interested at [email protected].

Kman1011 07-27-03 09:07 PM

Action-if you want to do that trade, I'm game just email me the details!

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