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Galanthas 06-26-03 11:53 PM

Used (Cobalt) Game boy Advance SP for sale
I'm selling my GBA SP because I'm disappointed with the light. The unit has been in for repair to remove some white specks under the screen twice. There is some light scratches on the top lid( cobalt side with metallic Nintendo logo) that Nintendo's crappy, out-sourced repair center put on the unit. I'm quite anal when it comes to any screens that I have to look at for long periods of time and the light on this is annoying with it's blueish/purplish glow. But other people I have showed it to says it's fine heh so I guess I'm just really picky.

Selling for $85.00 shipped. All Packaging included.

Also I have a GBA SP case that can be included with the GBA SP for $90.00 for the both of them.
This is the case http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.js...k_10&oid=69139

I'm taking check,money order or cash if you live close. I do not have a paypal account since I have never tried to sell anything online until now :). I figured I would post this at DVDtalk before trying ebay since I have gotten into some good deals because of this community.

RoQuEr 06-27-03 01:34 AM

I live close. Maybe.

Galanthas 06-27-03 05:16 AM

I live in Indiana about 35mins from Chicago.

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