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Tons of Obscure Rhythm games and Nippon PSX

Scroll down for the Dance games.

Dragon Quest 4 Guide SOLD
Makerundo makundo 2 sold
Racing Lagoon ~Square SOLD


CyberSpeed US *Big BOX (Future racin!)
Ford Racing US $8.00 Racing
Battle Arena Toshinden Big Box
Sentinel Returns US
Vs. US
Wing Commander 4: The price of freedom 3 disks (US)
Zero Divide US Big box $13.00 Mech Fgt

New in:


Hanafuda Graffiti: Koi Monogatari
Marriage (The 5 girls from Sotsugyou [Graduation]) appear here, expierence the future game starts 1 yr before the marriage.)
Bakuretsu Hunter: Sorezore no Omoi...Nowaan Chatte (Awesome Banpresto game based on the Anime)
Fang of Alnam $15.00
Mysterious Apricot (Kaitou) play as the theif!
Masmon Kids (from my Coll to ya) RPG
Pocket Jiman (RPG Editor) $15.00
Advanced VG (Great anime fighter prequel to Asuka!) (coming)
Oukyuu no Hihou: Tenshon (Dungeon crawler like Torneko)
Mobile Suit Gundam 1 (Coming)
Mobile Suit Gundam 2 (Coming)
Doki Oki (In a Robot like world, this is an adventure game like myst.. From
my personal collection to ya!)
Exalegiuse (Anime sim taking place in space, awesome battles!)
Pretty Sammy part 1: In the earth (2 disks) (theres Tenchi :-))
Dance Dance Revolution 1st Mix Japan (Konami's Famous Dance Simulater) $15
Click Manga: Opera Za no Kaijin (pend in)
Pokeler (The Original pokeler game, talk, communicate and more with a
Pet Pet Pet (v-pets simulation section! (pend in)
Pixygarden (2 disks?) (pend in)
Techno BB really interesting puzzle game by Konami!
Quest for fame (want to be "A Legend" like Aerosmith?, well get started Now! This is a rock n roll simulator game that you can play along with guitar or drums too
Kyuin (Rare classic shooting Style)
Final Fantasy 9 (Yes! Jap version) $18
Simple 1500 Series Block Kushikusi 2 (Like arkanoid, Going to classics section!!)
Hole of the Legend Monster - rpg, pick between few selectable characters, go on different adventures. Monsters help you along the way
Neo Planet (Nothing can stop.. the animal!!)
Azito 2 (13 masked riders, destroy enemy base, get $, better than Si*****)
Meta-Ph-List: Gamma X 2297 (2 disk shooter) $19.00
T_kara_hajimaru (Tale/story that begins w/ T) Action RPG
Mitsumete Knight (pending in)
Junk Brain Diagnosis (hmm Cute girl)
Mobius Link 3D -to anime simulation section $13.50
Momotarou Densetsu (Rpg? like Dragon warrior.. great classic style!!)
Happy diet (and we're.....happy when we diet!, Lose wieght now)
Assualt Suits Valken 2
Remote Control Dandy (you know what it is... Control them robots) 2 disks!!
Not Treasure Hunter (Battle adversaries who would like to take your discoveries of treasure and danger
Alundra (Yep J ver different intro!)
Alundra 2 (Yep J ver different intro!)
Breath of Fire 4 J (!! in its origin)
Enigma (To the horror adventure section)
PAL: Shinken densetsu RPG (go on a quest to rescue your girl the mistress)
Angelique Special
Angelique Special 2
Favorite Dear: Everlasting voices (To the strategy rpg section)
Favorite Dear "
Running High (Cybernetic racing game where the "vehicles" are cyborgs
mechanically enhanced limbs and performance boosting suits)
Enigma (2 disks)
Wizardry Lygaim Saga
Air Land Battle (Air Land Simulation!) $13.50
Shadow Struggle (This is awesome fighter) $10.50
King of Producer
Master of Monsters: Akatsuki no Kenja Tatsu (This is Japanese version!)
Shinjidaigekiaction Rasetsunoden Rare $10.00 spd
Shin Cyber Formula GPX (2 disks) (Game based on popular anime serie)
The Gamemaker


Arc the Lad $10.00
10101: "Will" The Starship $9.99
Ancient Roman: Power of Dark Side $16.00
Atelier Marie $14.50 (obscure cute RPG, take on the role of a young girl who creates items by finding recipes. In the outer world, warriors protect you on your quest)
dersea RPG as you interact with dolphins, fish, and other inhabitants!!)
Brave Fencer Musashiden (Jap voices) $7.50
Darkseed (Graphic adv rpg) $17.00 50 Great art: Based on the art of HR Geiger
End Sector $17.00 (Card RPG like yu-gi-oh?)
Kasei Montagari: Mars Story -Limitd Ed- $18
Knight & Baby (Communication RPG $8
Linda Cube Again (for those who are familiar with it, its a sequel to the 1st RPG)
Lost Sword: Ushinawareta Seiken (RPG) $18
Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia (US) $12
Monster Collection $15.00 (Another one like Yu-gi, this one is an actual
card game in Japan!)
Emblem Saga Psx dengeki Mag Preview disk
(This is before the Tear Ring Saga change) rare
Tilk $14.50
Toys Dream $17.50 (Simulate toys in this wonderful RPG!)
Wonder Trek (Rpg taking place in a forest where you tame animals and explore its secrets) $14.00
Quantom Gate

Strategy & Str/Rpgs

Falcata $13.00
Milky Way Heroes Legend (Galactic space opera embued with the drama and
space battles associated with factions of anime characters and tactics) $14.50
Quovadis (Space strategy?) $14.50
Seikoku 1092: Souheiden (La Ware RPG) $15
(Based on a fiction novel Wares 1092, soldiers, monk carry an
armored mecha with swords goto war (Str RPG)


Armed Fighter (3D fighter featuring anime-influenced robot girls)
Battle Master (Fighting)
(awesome beast fighter) $18
Shichisei Toushin: Guyferd $14.50


Cat the Ripper
(Gory Graphic Adventure 'o') $15.50
Dracula Detective 1 $13
Dracula Detective 2 $13
Dragon Knights Glorious $15.00
Favorite Dear $17.00
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo
(from Kindaichi anime series!.. mystery adv)$13
Silent Mobius - Case: Titanic $16
The Witch of Salzburg PlayStation $13
Tenchi Muyo: No Need to School

Interactive Anime/Comic:

Click Manga: Opera Za no Kaijin
Dark Hunter: Jou Ijigen Gakuen
(In strange dimensional school..) (plays like an anime)
Kaitohranma Miyabi $15.00
Dark Hunter Part 2
(Train & interact along side cool female warriors in a fencing training hall)
Project V6 (Anime interaction game starring a boy group)
Universal Nuts (Anime interaction space adventure)
Voice Paradise Excella (interactive anime game starring a trio of girl warriors)
Wizard's Harmony 1,2, R :Enter a Magic Academy where students master the arcane arts and socialize with peers and teachers at the school.


Choro Q Jet: Rainbow Wings
(Choroqs Rainbow Wings like Anime shooter) $14.50
MACROSS: DYRL Do you Remember Love? 35
Paro Wars (Strategy game with Parodius characters) $13
Real Robots Final Attack (ooh Gundams, mechs shooter)
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 75: The Double Shooting $15


AIV Evolution PAL/European.. like si***** $13.50
Astronoka (w/ Itageti Street $15
Exodus Guilty $15.00
Merriment Carrying Caravan (Like Oregon Trail w/anime & cannons!! keep party alive while on a quest!) 14.50
Meltylancer 2086 $17.00
Meltylancer: Re-inforce $17.00
My Home Dream 2 $14
RPG School 3 (more features, make a Rpg) $14
The Conveni 2 PlayStation $14
Tokyo Majin Highschool: Ken Kaze Tobari $14.00 (2 disks)

Dating Simulation:

Catch! Pandora Box vol 4 $13.50 (During high school, it's only natural to spot attractive classmates and learn to love.)
Fuuraiki (Take pictures and meet Cute Girls) (MINT just opened) $13.50
Doki Doki on Air 2 $13.50
Doki Doki Nightmare $17.00 (2 disks!!)
Hatsukoi Special
Heroin Dream $14.00
Memories Off
My Dream: ~On Air (anime game 2 disks) $14.00
NOel: La Neige -- Special ($16.00 Other excellent
Simple 1500 series vol 36: The Renai (Hentai) Simulation $15.00
Sotsugyo -graduation- Crossworld $12.00
Sotsugyo II: Neo Generation $12.00
Sotsugyo III: Wedding Bell LE (In this latest chapter you are a teacher wed to a former student.)
Tokimeki Memorial: Drama series vol 1 $14.50 !! (Great description here, The first Side Story to the Tokimeki
Memorial series, it features the girl Saki Nijino who is dressed in blue ~-^)
Dating Simu

Flight Simulation/Adv:

Wonder B-Cruise (Yep!!, this ones with the fox ^^, great communication)

Growth Simulation:

Angelique Special
Angelique Special II
Pinocchia Dream (Pinocchia no Miru Yume) (Adv Simu) $14.50
(Fantasy simulation where you interact with a living, breathing doll. Gameplay is limited to conversations with the six different dolls
but cut scenes and cinemas convey a sense of action during certain points in your interaction
Princess Maker: Fairy Tales Come True $22.00
Princess Maker: Go! Go! Princess $22.00 (puzzle?)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule Breed & Battle $20.00 (Never released outside Japan)
Yukyu Gensokyoku Ensemble (Well known raising sim from Mediaworks/Starlight Marry) $13.50
Yukyu All Star Project PlayStation $13.50 RPG?

Mech Simulation:

Afraid Gear $14.50
Aubird Force (Space-war Sim) $13.50
Aubird Force After (Sequel) $14.50
Back Gainer $17.00
Bedlam (Pal European: Real time simu like starcraft) $12.50
Blue Knight Berserga (part of Armor Trooper Votoms series) $16.00
CRW: Counter Revolution War $16.00
GASARAKI (see anime based section)
Gothaworld (2 disks) $16.50 (Shooting Simulation)
Pandora Project: The Logic Master
(like C-Heart/Marionette Handler - command robot battle arena) 13.50
Project Gaiaray (Mechs mechs!) $19.00
Supa Robt Encyclop $15.00 (History of SRW!)
Supa Robt Wars-Shin $15.00 (Gist: battle popular mecha heroes in SD form within isometric tactical grids. Many mecha from various animation series.
Fights take place on terra, in mid-air, & in outer space.)
Wakutoru Ritoru Cats (Mechs!) $17.00
Zeus: Carnage Heart Second $16.50 (Create and craft programming instructions for robots called Overkill Engines and watch them battle on fields of war.)

Music Simulation/Dance:

Dance! Dance! Dance! (by Konami!!) $13.50
Robots: Video Alchemy
Stolen Song (hey!.. give me my soong back, were gonna rock in a virtual world!!)
Quest for fame (want to be "A Legend" like Aerosmith?, well get started Now! This is a rock n roll simulator game that you can play along with guitar or drums too

Action/Platform/Side Scrolling

Deep Freeze PlayStation .. act/adv (like metal gear)
Doraemon: Nobitaito Fukkatsu no Hoshi
Floating Runner 10.00 (Great sidescrolling by XING!)
Exector (Action mech shoot (like gundam)) $13.50
Gritz: The Pyramid Adventure $15.00
Microman Generation 2000 (Like Tombraider?) $20.00
Prisoner of Ice $14.50
Rockman 8 $16.00 Classic


Grand Turismo 1 Japan (More cars than US version!!)
Grand Turismo 2 Japan (More cars than US version!!)
Mach Go Go Go (Anime adv/racing.. go speed go!! $15.00 Racing
Running High (Futureistic action) Awesome!


Doki Doki Shutter Chance (puzzle) $16.00 (Anime style characters confront each other with episodic and battle with...jigsaw puzzle madness.)
Q*bert (Classic) 5.00 Classic

Virtual style: Pet Sims + Pocketstation specialties

Doko Demo Issyo (its the cat again, works w/ pstation as well) $13.00
Koneko Issyo (like above) $13.00
Pet in TV (Pal/European pet simu?) $15.50
Pocket Digimonworld $13.00 (and send your new beasts into battle against others in preset arenas.)
Pocket Dungeon $13.00
Pocket Tuner (dance the pocket) $13.00
Paqa $12.00
Pi to Mail (pocket communication) $12.00

Insect stuff:

Insect Collecter (Mushi taro) (pending in)
Lifescape: (no man) 2 disks
Spider: The Video Game US 6.00 (Mechanical spider side scrolling action!)
TiZ: Tokyo Insect Zoo (Interactive animation game based on the Japanese anime.plays like a movie)

Anime based game mix:

Custom Armor GASARAKI $16.00
Ao no Rokugou: Antarctica
(Blue Submarine No: 6 - 2disks ! -$16.00 Action/Adventure
Bakuretsu Hunter: Sorezore no Omoi
Chou Kousoku Gran Doll
(platformer like Strider & Megaman!!) 16.00
From TV Animation Senkaitaisen $14.00
Jewel Bem Hunter lime vol 1 (Adventure game based on the anime) $14.50
JBHL vol 2 $14.50


Lifescape: Pop Science (2 disks) pending in

Other/Dance/Beat em up'/Misc

Gamesoft wo Tsukurou (Game creator?) $14.50


Biohazard 12.50 shpd 1st Person Shooter

Chase The Express PlayStation $8.00 *unsure*

Dragon Quest IV PSX -- Official Strategy Guide
(Dq4! -Data & Maps-) $13.00 Book

Eberouge - Anime Simu $12.50

Jumping Flash 2 (japan ver) $11.50 Platform

Kileak: The Blood (import) 7.00 (with manu)

Riven: The Sequel to Myst
(5 Disks!!) $17.00 Simulation/adv

Disk only:

Maho soujo fancy coco
Speed power gunbike 3d mech racing game with no limit, awesome boss battles (no man)
The Tower (Construct a tower simulation)

COLLECTION: (Currently playing, not for sale or trade)

Black Matrix (2 disks)
Brave Saga 2
Crime Crackers 2 (sequel to the 1st, Take command of a group of anime agents in this space based adventure-RPG interspersed with cinemas.)
Clock Tower: The First Fear
Dancing Blade: Katteni Momotenshi!
Langrisser I&II
Langrisser IV&V
London Serei Tanteidan
Lunar Wing
Oasis Road
P.M.S Vol.3 Rubbish Blazon
P.M.S Vol 6: Oni Zero
Pixygarden (2 disks?)
Psychic Detective US 3 cd (Transmit your psychic self to others, view a different perspectative as a detective a mysterious case!)
Romance wa Ken no Kagayaki II LE (2 disks)
Ryukesyo Dragoon
Samurai Showdown RPG
Simple 1500: The Dungeon RPG
Sonata (2 disks) your girlfriend disappears and a portal sucks you into a strange world in this Romance RPG
Startling Odyssey
Tales of Eternia
Tear Ring Saga
Tokyo Mew Mew
Vampire: Kyuuketsuki Densetsu (Bloodsucker RPG)
Wataru: Another Step
Wizardry ~Dimguil~

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Bump added Bakeretsu Hunters & Battle Formation!
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Yep, this is outdated if youd like the updated stuff just PM me
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Music Simulation/Dance:

Nakajima Miyuki (13.00 US,
Baby Universe europe (12.50 US
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix
Sakkyou Dance Remix (GBP)
Robots: Video Alchemy (12.50 US,
Idol Promotion: Yume Suzuki (Simulate the lifestyle of an idol)
Dragonbeat Pinball (play pinball with dragons and a beat) $13.00


Game Center Simulation: Dekiru! Game Center (The goal is to buld a kick-ass arcade, and many people as possible to go there)
Sokoban logic 2 (push, shove boxes in this classic style puzzle)

Anime based game mix:

Gatekeepers ($16.00)
One Piece: Ocean's of Dreams RPG New Sealed
another Stolen Song with VPick
Dark Hunter: Jou Ijigen 50 Gakuen (In strange dimensional school..): plays like an anime 14.50
Dark Hunter: Shita Youma no Mori (Forest of demon): plays like an anime
Kaitohranma Miyabi 14.50
Tenchi Muyo: No need to school (13.00
Super Robot Wars F, Encyclopedia (13.00
Wedding Peach $14.00
From TV Animation Senkaitaisen $14.00
Jewel Bem Hunter lime vol 1 (Adventure game based on the anime) $14.50
JBHL vol 2 $14.50
Mobile Suit Gundam 1.0
Space Battleship Yamato 2 (aka 'Starblazers' 3 disk action adventure) GBP
Zoids One (13.00

Its Outdated and there are lots of others, all used and great condition.
If youd like pictures or to know the rest they consist of Shmups, Fighting, RPGs, Anime Dating Sims, Mecha, platform and PAL/European games PM and feel free to ask.


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