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Mongo 05-24-03 06:20 PM

FS: Enter the Matrix (Xbox) $35 shipped
Hmm, guess the threat title says it all :)

Shipped price is within US, I'll most likely use priority mail. I'm assuming an Xbox game will fit in the priority mail envelope and weight restrictions?

Edit: I guess contact info would help. [email protected]

Sorry, no Paypal. I'll accept money order, or if you're a gold trader, a personal check.

MHohen75 05-24-03 09:32 PM

is this only for sale? Because I would be interested in a trade... Here is what I have for trade

007: AUF (platinum hits)
THPS2X (pending in)
High Heat Baseball 2004
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (disc only)
Max Payne
NCAA Football 2003
Street Hoopz
+ some others pending in

4X4 Evolution
Black and White
Freedom Force
Sim City 4
Ghost Recon
Rainbow 6 3: Raven Shield

Beverly Hills Ninja (Chris Farley)
Blast From the Past
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Enemy of the State
The Family Man
Finding Forrester
For Love of the Game
Happy Gilmore
John Q
Lethal Weapon 4
Life Is Beautiful
Men in Black II
Mission: Impossible 2
Ocean's Eleven
Patch Adams
The Patriot
The Rock
Save The Last Dance
The Time Machine

LMK, thanks a lot for your time

jagernaut 05-24-03 11:42 PM

Mongo, YGM.

Mongo 05-25-03 04:01 AM

Sorry Mhohen, I already replied to Jagernaut's email before I came back to check this thread. Well, that and nothing on your list appealed to me :(

I'd definitely prefer selling at this point anyway. The only trade that I might be interested in would be for Ghost Recon for Xbox.

damn_skippy 05-26-03 05:14 AM

I'll trade you ghost recon for it.

Mongo 05-26-03 06:44 PM

Sale pending.

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