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Deadpool 05-22-03 10:53 AM

GBA Games + Yugioh Games for sale
GBA games for sale + Yugioh games

All games are in mint condition with box and instructions. Prices include shipping. I accept paypal & money orders. Thanks for looking. If you have any other questions let me know.

Crash Bandicoot - N Tranced 15.00
Pokemon Saphire - 20.00
Tactics Ogre 20.00
Tekken Advance 10.00
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dungeon Dice Monsters 15.00
Yu-Gi-Oh! - WWE Japanese Version. 10.00 each. Box and instructions are in Japanese. Can change default Japanese language to one of 6 other languages (including english). No promo cards included..................Gone

More Yugioh games

Yu-Gi-Oh The Duelist of Roses for PS2 - mint condition. Game only, no cards - 15.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Duel Stories for GBC (also works in GBA). Game only, no cards - 10.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories for PS1 (should work in PS2). Game only, no cards - 10.00 2 available

IamFlip 05-22-03 02:41 PM

How about $12 (Paypal) shipped for Crash - N Tranced?

jimbo504 05-23-03 02:57 AM

I'll give you $25 for tactics ogre and one of the japanese yugi oh WWE games shipped or $35 for those and the PS2 Yugi oh duelist of roses game shipped. Let me know. Email me at [email protected]. Also, what are the conditions of the games? are they sealed, mint in box, or carts/disc only?


Deadpool 05-23-03 08:14 AM

IamFlip & jimbo504

Sorry guys, my prices are more than fair, if they aren't prove it to me :) It's the lowest I will go esp considering they are in brand new condition.

All games come with box & instructions

RudeBoie 05-24-03 02:59 PM

Bump for a great trader. That price on WWE is extremely good. You're not going to get a US version for less than $30, and besides, I'd rather have the nicer looking Jap. box. :)

Deadpool 05-28-03 10:51 AM


Update: All copies of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! WWE are gone

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