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bur1196 05-22-03 01:24 AM

XBOX games, etc for SALE or TRADE
XBox games for sale/trade:

- House of the Dead III (played a few times, includes box, instructions and MINT condition CD) $35 shipped
- Amped (brand new, still sealed) $15 shipped
- Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (played a few times, includes box, instructions and MINT condition CD) $35 shipped
- Air Force Delta Storm (brand new, still sealed) $40 shipped
- Batman Vengance CD ONLY (played a few times - includes good condition CD only) $10 shipped
- Kakuto Chojin (RARE, brand new, still sealed, have a few copies available) $20 shipped
- NFL Fever 2002 (played a few times - includes box, instructions and good condition CD) $9 shipped

Super NES Super Game Boy Set
- includes box, instructions, necessary hardware, Super Mario All Stars, Super Game Boy (play original game boy games on this set), and 2 controllers

SNES Games:

- Ballz - includes box and instructions *RARE*
- NBA Showdown - cartridge only
- Primal Rage - includes box and instructions
- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - includes box and instructions
- WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game - includes box and instructions

Here are my wanted games, XBox only (can do 2 or more for one, depending on item):

ATV Quad 2
Brute Force
Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO
Namco Museum
Red Faction II
State of Emergency

Payment Methods

I accept PayPal (preferred and fastest, my paypal id is [email protected]), money orders, cashier's checks, personal checks, and well concealed cash.

You can post on here or email me at [email protected]. Thanks and God Bless!!


bur1196 05-28-03 04:29 AM

Splinter Cell and Madden 2002 pending...

bur1196 05-28-03 09:36 PM

New games added...

Jeremy517 06-02-03 04:05 PM

- Medal of Honor: Frontline
- Panzer Dragoon Orta

MGS2 - XBox

bur1196 06-02-03 06:44 PM

juiio: Sorry, not interested in MGS2...

bur1196 06-03-03 01:40 AM

Games added and updated...

bur1196 06-04-03 12:55 PM

Tons more games added and updated...

FlashStash 06-04-03 01:32 PM

You should note that Air Force Delta Storm has been re-released and is now available for $30 new everywhere.


bur1196 06-05-03 06:41 AM

List updated...

spawn 06-05-03 10:33 AM

YGM! in regards to air force delta storm

Liver&Onions 06-05-03 01:48 PM

I'm interested...check my trade thread.


bur1196 06-05-03 07:40 PM

spawn: Sorry nothing on your list, I am not interested in DVD...

Liver&Onions: What are you interested in?

Liver&Onions 06-05-03 10:02 PM

Hitman 2
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Medal of Honor: Frontline
is your WSB the 2k3 version? If so I'd be interested in that too.

bur1196 06-05-03 11:48 PM

Liver&Onions: I'm interested in all of your games except for Buffy and JSRF/SGT...I have Hitman 2, Panzer, Medal, and NO the WSB is not the 2K3 version...

Liver&Onions 06-06-03 01:16 AM

the drop me an email, let's see what we can do :)

bur1196 06-06-03 05:54 AM

Liver&Onions: email sent...

waazzuup 06-07-03 10:42 AM

I am interested in DOAXBV. Want anyone of these for it?

Serious Sam
Tony Hawk 3
NFL Fever 2003
NCAA Football 2003

bur1196 06-07-03 04:23 PM

waazzuup: Sorry I have all of those...Thanks though and God bless!!

bur1196 06-09-03 12:08 AM

List updated...

bur1196 06-11-03 05:32 AM

list getting smaller...:)

Mechazilla 06-11-03 07:58 AM


I have.
House of the dead 3
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Jurassic Park: OG
Xenosaga w/guide
FFX w/guide
About Schmidt
Lawrence of Arabia SE
About A Boy

Interested In:
Splinter Cell
Timesplitters 2
Azurik (maybe)


bur1196 06-11-03 08:51 AM

Does House of the dead3 have the gun? and kinda interested in Jurassic Park: OG

Mechazilla 06-11-03 09:20 AM

no sorry no gun it was sold seperate but it controls just fine
with a controller.

Jurassic if fun but not as deep as some other sims like RCT.


utarefson 06-11-03 12:20 PM

i have nba inside drive 2003 and halo ...both sealed....brand new worth 100$
looking for:
splinter cell
enter the matrix
Mortal Kombat
both new and used....

bur1196 06-11-03 06:50 PM

Mechazilla: I'll take HOTD3 and Jurassic...I can give you two of the following:

Splinter Cell
TimpSplitters 2 and Azurik (combined)

You get to chose. Would you mind sending 1st or no?

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