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UKingdom 05-13-03 10:32 PM

Amplitude, Ikaruga, Rez, Game Posters, PS2, XBOX, DC, GC, DVD
Updated list with new goodies! I'm not really interested in getting any more games at this time, but rather DVDs.

Here's my stuff for trade. Stuff available for sale is listed, prices negotiable.

I'm a US Trader looking for preferably other US traders. Let's get some combos going.

<b> GBA </b>
<s><b>Game Boy Advance Import System (Arctic blue color)</b> $50 SHIPPED</s>

Final Fight One (Japan import) $25 (more blood, prostitute characters intact)

Virtua Tennis

<b>Game Posters and Collectibles</b>
Metroid Prime Poster $5
Mortal Kombat V: Deadly Alliance Poster $4
Rayman Poster $4
Bloodrayne Poster $4
King of Route 66 poster $4
Shinobi Poster $4
Dead or Alive 3 Holographic Promo Poster
Panzer Dragoon Orta Poster
Space Channel 5 Inflatable Morolian Toy (orange)
Metroid Prime Promo DVD (Nintendo) <b> SEALED </b>

64 MB MMC Card (ie SD memory) $40 shipped
32 MB MMC Card (I have 3); $24 shipped
16 MB MMC Card; $14 shipped

Nike Air Flightposite III Basketball shoes, retail $159, asking $65 shipped
-black on black version, very slick
-Worn once, too flashy for my tastes, basically new
-size 9.5

Japanese Model Hardcover Import Books<b> EXTREMELY RARE </b>and Out of Print worldwide
Hiroko Anzai, Le Dernier Bleu $39
Kyoko Fukada, Colors, $49

<b>Comic Books (Collector's Editions, classics, email for more info)</b>
Dark Knight Returns (All 4 books, first prints)
Witchblade, The Darkness, X-Men, Danger Girl, Battle Chasers
Much much more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-posters (official, WB exclusives and promos)
-magazines, 8x10s, Guides and books (all new)

<b>Adult </b> (Take these off my hands please)
Virtual Sex with Taylor Hayes DVD $18 (multi-angle, user control)

Playboy: Playmate of the Year Stacy Sanches VCD $6
Playboy: Playmate of the Year Julie Cialiani VCD $6
Playboy: Wet and Wild VCD $6

Take all 3 Playboys for $15 shipped!

Max Payne, $20

Too many to list, please email me, some include...

<b>Ikaruga (VERY RARE)</b>
Rez (Rare)
Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Soul Calibur
Unreal Championship
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Tennis 2K2
Street Fighter III: Double Impact
Dead or Alive 2 LE
Mars Matrix
Frogger 2
Confidential Mission

Sony PS2: Amplitude
Sony PS2: Pride FC Championships (DEMO Disc)
<s>Sony PS2: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil</s>
<s><b>Sony PS2: Rez</b> <b> VERY RARE, OUT OF PRINT </b></s>

Sony PS2: Saitek DVD Remote (matches the player in looks the most, even more than the Sony)
Sony PS2: Guncon2
Sony PS2: COMPONENT TV Cables (for SUPER high resolution, better than S-Video)

<s>Panzer Dragoon Orta</s> <b> TRADED </b>
<s>Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell <b> SEALED </b> $49</s>
<s>Metal Gear Solid: Substance <b> SEALED</b> $49</s>

<s> Beach Spikers <b> SEALED </b> </s>

And check out my other goodies: (TONS OF <B>GOOD</b> DVDs)


<b>Want list (in order) (and pretty much limited to) </b>
<b>Sony Ericsson T68i phone accessories</b>

Dreamcast Want List
All games....send in your list of....um you know.
<b>Arcade Fighting Stick (X-Arcade)</b>

Gamecube Want List
Official Black Controller

XBOX Want List
Controller Type S
NBA Street 2
Enter the Matrix

Sony PS2 Want List:

Gameboy Advance Want List

DVD want list is at


jhiter24 05-13-03 11:43 PM

what brand is your PS2 component cables? Check out my trade list if you want or how much would you take for them


UKingdom 05-15-03 06:55 PM


UKingdom 05-22-03 02:25 AM


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