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Sloth911 05-12-03 06:02 AM

EB Games Gift Card 5% off
Hello. I am selling my xBox. I have a Giftcard for EB Games.

The card has $26.49 on it. I will sell the card for $25.17 (shipped).

That is a 5% savings!

email me at [email protected] if interested.

i will take www.c2it.com, well wrapped cash, or money order.

ben12 05-25-03 07:04 PM

You are kidding, right? This stinks of scam. This thread should be deleted.

Sloth911 05-26-03 05:15 AM

Why does this stink of a scam? I returned a game and them gave me a gift vard instead of cash. I sold my xBox. I will most likely never buy anythign at the store anytime soon. I need the cash. So, i thought i would try and sell it.

It is nothing different then selling something on ebay and getting less than what you paid for it.

Gizmo 05-26-03 02:10 PM

You think anyone will 'convert' there cash into an EB giftcard just to gain an additional $1 and a half? Wow. If you sold it for maybe $20, someone might buy it. But not for a whole dollar less.

EDIT: Had to include the fact that if you sent cash/monye order/check. you would have to pay for a stamp as well. This deal just keeps getting better and better!

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