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Bruce_S 05-06-03 05:09 PM

For Sale Only! PS2 Games
I don't have time to play games these days. So, I'm ready to part with them, in hope, to save for a laptop. These prices including shipping cost. These games comes with their original cases and manuals, unless stated otherwise.

Madden 2003 - $25
LOTR:Two Towers - $27
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - $32
Amplitude - $30
Tekken Tag Tournament - $15
Gran Theft Auto: Vice City (no manual) - $20
Soldier of Fortune (Gold Edition) - no manual - $20

Thanks for looking!
Feel free to contact me with any questions!


crazytrader 05-07-03 08:08 PM

anything on my list for vice city?

Bruce_S 05-07-03 10:47 PM


What list...?


crazytrader 05-08-03 05:08 PM

this list:

pc game:
america's a*a army-the official U.S. army game-sealed
become a member of the world's premier land force:trained and equipped to achieve decisive victory-anywhere. earn the right to call yourself a soldier,letting the enemies of freedom know that America's Army has arrived....
no other Army game is this real,because nobody gets the Army,like the Army

designed ,created,and developed by the U.S. Army.

i received this game from a friend who is currently in Kuwait.

i have an n64 with all the hookups, 2 nintendo 64 controllers,rumble pack, and the following games:

yoshi's story
rampage 2
mario kart 64-pending
chopper attack
bio freaks
ready 2 rumble boxing
wipeout 64
turok rage wars

$130 shipped for whole package

i also have a modded ps1 system(newer small ps1) with all the hookups, 2 controllers, memory card, and these games:
crash bash
n2o nitrous oxide
tiger woods pga tour
ducati world
twisted metal 3
harry potter
tomb raider 2
knockout kings 2000
madden 2002
gt2 gran turismo
nascar thunder 2002
madden 2001- 2 of these
madden 99
nba live 2002
road rash
twisted metal 4
1 demo disc

all for $135 shipped

and these ps2 games:
nba street-$18
madden 2001-$9
madden 2002-$15
madden 2003-$25
nba live 2002-$15
nascar thunder 2002-pending
final fantasy x-$20
gran turismo 3-2 of these-$18
resident evil code name veronica-$18
tekken tag tournament-$18
ssx tricky-$18
max payne-pending
grand theft auto 3-$25
socom navy seals w/headset-$45
real pool
legends of wrestling

Bruce_S 05-08-03 05:42 PM


I see nothing of interest.



Absolute Zero 05-08-03 07:35 PM

I'll take Vice City off your hands. Check <a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=290860">my list</a>. Thanks for looking.

Bruce_S 05-08-03 08:58 PM

Absolute -

Currently, I have someone wanting to purchase Vice City. I noticed you wanting GTA3, as well. I have a one available, if you're interested. The only things I saw of interest are either : Sly or Rachet.



Absolute Zero 05-08-03 09:42 PM

Is GTA3 on PC or PS2? If your buyer falls through then I will buy or trade for VC....whatever you prefer. Email me and we can work out details. Just click my email link above.

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