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Master_Fuji 12-28-01 07:46 PM

Wanted: Gamecube, PS2, or DC
If you have any of these willing to sell or trade plz email me

[email protected]

Let me know where ure from, andwhat u want for it.

SnoopDogg 12-28-01 11:08 PM

The system? I have a DC, 2 controllers and 2 VMUs for sell.

chiefs1313 12-29-01 01:19 PM

I have ps2 + extras I am trying to sell... check my thread for pics and details.

Master_Fuji 12-29-01 01:23 PM

Well what do u want for your DC ?

And how bout the PS2? how much?

I'll pay $60US for DC

and $150US for PS2
or I'll trade you for my $1007 watch. im tryin to sell.

chiefs1313 12-29-01 01:26 PM

what kind of watch? do you have pics?

Master_Fuji 12-29-01 01:42 PM

Christian Dior worth $1007cdn

No pics yet, cause I dont have my cam with me now

But heres a link (watch 3rd one in with blue face)


chiefs1313 12-29-01 01:46 PM

is it the mens or womans watch?

Breakfast with Girls 12-29-01 10:40 PM

I don't know that I would deal with this guy... he posted some pretty whacked-out stuff in this thread:


Hence, why he was banned.

neocheddar02 01-21-02 03:27 PM

I have a Dreamcast System with 35+ games, 2 controllers, and 4 VMU's. Let me Know if we can work something out. Thanks.

[email protected]

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