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RandyC 02-26-01 12:43 AM

BattleBots -- Series Discussion Thread
Man, an entire day of watching Battle Bots on Comedy channel. Pretty cool. Anyone else watch this show?

Gamewizard 02-26-01 01:03 AM

I've seen it a couple of times, I love the turn for the worst Sean Salisbury's career has taken. the last time I saw him he was the QB for the Vikings rotfl

C-Mart 02-26-01 09:59 AM

I really liked this show, but since I moved I do not get Comedy Central anymore. :(


Red Dog 02-26-01 10:08 AM

Great show. Did you see the one where they had the Battle Royale?

tha_dvd_man 02-26-01 12:26 PM

I think the show is more boring than it should be. The first time I watched it I thought the bots would be smashed to pieces and whatnot. But the battles are usually won by flipping the other one over or pushing it around or whichever one got the most weak jabs. Kinda lame. The battle-royales are cool, though.

Bushdog 02-26-01 12:30 PM

Strangely addictive, I must say.

Alyoshka 02-26-01 12:39 PM

Originally posted by Bushdog
Strangely addictive, I must say.
Yeah, these shows are oddly addictive. I guess the participants must really like it too because they spend more on those silly bots then some people spend on their homes from what I've heard.

One guy was saying that he's invested over 100K on his bot, which I would assume includes costs of man hours. Still, that's a little too much for a bot. What rewards do they get out of this?

mllefoo 02-26-01 03:39 PM

I was at the taping of the san francisco edition of Battlebots. I was stuck for a whole day inside an amazingly loud building and got to see some incredible battles. It's much more fun to watch live than on TV.

I never did get to meet Bill Nye,though.


Boot 07-10-01 06:00 PM

Any BattleBots fans out there?
I just caught this show on CC the other day. They were re-airing the tournament from (I think) last year. It was pretty cool! I was pretty surprised that the competitions were so entertaining. Those damn things really go at it.

Jeraden 07-10-01 06:11 PM

Battlebots is cool, but a little too much between match filler. Its a good one to tape/TIVO and skip through a lot of it, especially further on in the season when you have to hear the background story behind Vlad the Impaler for the 5th time.

Tonight is the start of the new tournament by the way, fresh new bots.... 10pm.

If you like Battle Bots you might want to check out Junkyard Wars on TLC. Its not quite the same, but probably appeals to the same audience. I like it a bit better than Battlebots - teams compete to make fairly complex things out of scrap at a junkyard.

thejammy 07-11-01 08:51 AM

Oh yeah I love this show. I was watching the whole airing of the tourney there last year.

I cannot believe that these machines, and how much money they spend on these machines.

It is good clean fun. :)

Jeraden 07-11-01 09:23 AM

The new tournament looks pretty good. The said they had around 500 robots in it. They also beefed up all the hazards. I'm not really sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. A lot of matches end up being won or lost by hazards, not really by the other robot. Last night for instance, 2 matches were decided solely by hazards. The one robot drove straight under the hammer and got completely smashed (that hammer is vicious now). The other drove over the sawblades and was totally ripped apart (although it was awesome to watch!)

That first match was pretty cool too (don't remember the bot names). The one robots spinning blade totally annhilated the other robot in about 10 seconds.

Derrich 08-29-01 09:40 AM

This episode was one of the best sport events I've watched in a long time. (robot or human). They showed the entire semi-final/final bracket so you got a good feel of what the bots had to go through and the damage they could inflict.

The matchups were between all different types of bots, from spinners, to wedges, to flippers, etc. It showed that there isn't a single dominant design in the sport.

And the final match...WOW. I was on my feet after the first hit. Biohazard and Son of Whyachi went at each other like wild hyenas. Titanium sheets and steel rods were flying all over the battlebox. And when it looked like they had knocked each other out and the ref was counting them out, they both came back to life! It was like the end of Rocky(1-2-3-4) when both fighters are on the ground and each is struggling to stand back up.


atifman 08-29-01 04:59 PM

that's great, but i have a question. why is this show on Comedy Central? what's so funny about this show.

Burnt Alive 08-29-01 05:40 PM

that's great, but i have a question. why is this show on Comedy Central? what's so funny about this show.
True...but it's not as strange as the Sci-FI channel showing Serial Mom!

Toro rocks!

mllefoo 08-29-01 10:13 PM

Toro is awesome. Mechadon was a neat design (saw it in person when the show was at the Marina) but unfortunately the guy who made Mechadon didn't really think about how his bot was going to kill the opponent. Walkers need to become maneuverable and fast, or they'll never amount to much in the arena.

That said, Son of Whyachi is the best walker/stomp bot I've seen so far.

I'd like to see some of the Robot Wars house robots go up against Biohazard or Toro. That would be a lot of fun. I'd love to see someone destroy those damned house robots.

Burnt Alive 08-29-01 11:56 PM

I think Mechadon's builder just likes to showcase his robots insted of fight. Do any of his bots even have weapons?

I've tried watching Robot Wars and Robotica, but couldn't really get into them at all. I just like the 1-on-1 fights and rumbles.

After lasts nights excellent show, I surfed around looking for the tournament brackets. It's pretty strange that neither of last years Middleweight finalists even entered this years competition.
I also miss Afterthought! The only bot that really posed a threat to Ziggo.
There should be a Toro in every weight class! I'd love to see Ziggo, Biohazard, Vlad and Nightmare tossed around.

big whoppa 08-30-01 09:23 AM

SOW and Biohazard are 2 great bots. My favorite is Biohazard. Nice design. I would have given him the win if I were judge. Bio slammed SOW to the walls several times and brought him to the hammer numerous times. Yeah, he did stall but he was in motion before the refs called gave him the 10 count.

Mark Holtz 01-01-02 10:41 PM

BattleBots 4.0--January 8th
So, any fans of BattleBots?

I checked out the official web site, and they have revised the rules and design restrictions a lot. Some of the bots which may have been previously legal may no longer be so with 4.0.

Burnt Alive 01-01-02 10:57 PM

This has to be Toro's year.
If not....I'll never watch Battlebots again.

Eternia 01-01-02 11:24 PM

On a side note, I was watching the Screen Savers the other day and they were show tech toys and they had remote control Battle Bots. I was wondering how long it would take for them to release those.

Mark Holtz 01-02-02 01:05 AM

Originally posted by Burnt Alive
This has to be Toro's year.
If not....I'll never watch Battlebots again.

Toro lost only because it blew a gas-filled cylinder during a match.

dancinns 01-02-02 01:19 AM

Good a new season. I've been totally lost as to what season it was on Battlebots. I had no idea if the episodes were new or not.

I got those little Battlebot toys for X-mas and they're cute but a bit difficult to play with. I don't really play with them but at least I have my own TazBot. :)

SirPablo 01-02-02 01:22 AM

Am I the only one who is tired of BattleBots???

Maybe CC can drop BattleBots and pick up Family Guy.

Draven 01-02-02 08:50 AM

I remember when BattleBots first started. I HATED the show, because ineveitably the robots just got stuck in a corner, or got destroyed by the environment, or just blew a wheel or something.

I've tuned in more recently, and now stuff's flying into the air, things are exploding, sparks are flying everywhere. It's good times. I'll check out the new season

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