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The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

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The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

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Re: The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

Originally Posted by Deftones View Post
Commander Shepard is from Mass Effect video game series.
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Re: The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

I agree this season was very underwhelming. I mean, it works good as the back half of season 5 to wrap things up, but then that was rushed yet not at the same time. I think if they dumped or condensed the ring world stuff and the Filip stuff, they could have wrapped up sooner and then spent 90% of the last episode dealing with what came next and time with the characters.

In general I just didnít feel like much of anything happened this season. Also, the characters seemed just along for the ride.

Originally Posted by Cellar Door View Post
Yeah, some good scenes with the Rocinante crew and I liked Holden's final play. But it all felt way too rushed, especially since there was no payoff to the ring planet sideplot. I especially disliked that the little punk ass bitch Filip got away, and it was implied that Naomi's words finally got through to him. No, he's just a coward who saw the writing on the wall and bailed at the last minute. He was a murderer and deserved to die just as much as his father. And storywise, it kind of negates the big sacrifice that Naomi made in destroying Inaros' ship.
I really like this series overall, but these final two seasons were a bit disappointing. I am going to give the books a try, though.
Whats worse, he didnít even save that guy in the bring that changed his mind! If it had of been the two of them going off in the vessel it would have been more fitting. However, to be honest I though he was just going to pop his dad either in the hallway or on the bridge. Instead he just up and leaves?!

I think it would have been more fitting if somebody actually did Inaros in, or his own plan undid him.

I havenít read the books (Iím actually thinking about it), but Iíd like it if they did ~2-3 1.5-2 hr movies to finish things out.

A few things on the finale itself:

  • I thought one of the main players was gone for sure. Especially Amos and Bobbie at the end there.
  • Alexís personality was missing, but I donít think there was any flying where his skills were missed. It was good how they kept referencing him and the through line of family.
  • I really thought, since there was ring and protomolocule still in the plot, that weíd see Miller one last time!
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Re: The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

Yeah, Miller was the only noticeable absence for me. Would have worked with the little dead kid subplot maybe.

Definitely rushed but still mostly good, especially with Holdenís power play to get Camina into position.

Lets hope they do a few movies or something to finish it out for good.
Old 01-17-22, 08:17 PM
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Re: The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

Also, Ackbar is an admiral.
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Re: The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

Finished it, liked it but have the same issues as others, i.e. it felt rushed with too much stuff left open (the entities, Laconia). I haven't read the books so I coudn't predict where this would go next (if there is a next), but I read a French article which analyzed the ending and there's hints in the end credits imagery:

(this is translated)

.Season 6 of The Expanse doesn't feature a traditional post-credits scene, but the credits themselves hint at a potential future for the series. Traditionally, the end credits of The Expanse have the distinctive image of the Ring Gate as their backdrop.

At the end of Season 6 of The Expanse , the Ring entities' distinctive red ripples were added to the dark void, seemingly confirming Holden's fear that the alien presence would only grow stronger if they summon the creatures against Mark (Marco).

And the bad news doesn't end there. In the center of the Ringgate scene of The Expanse end credits, one can also see what appears to be the outline of Winston Duarte's Laconian Protomolecular warship.

The end credits of The Expanse starkly remind viewers that two major threats still exist in the series: the future Laconian Empire and the ominous entities of the Ring. The credits of “Babylon's Ashes” confirm that these forces are gaining strength and that they will arrive in a universe close to us very soon.

This dual setup could lead to Season 7 of The Expanse or, more likely, a cinematic conclusion spanning the final three books. It remains to be seen how The Expanse intends to end its many hints, but the fact that it openly flags future plots strongly suggests that reports of the Rocinante retreat have been greatly exaggerated.

So, I think this Duarte dude is supposed to be the next villain and, if I'm not mistaken, when the dad on Laconia freaks out after his dead kid shows up and says "I'm gonna call the soldiers", I think he's referring to Duarte.
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Re: The Expanse (Amazon) -- The 6th and Final season -- Premieres 12/10/21

I finally caught the last two episodes and am equally baffled about including the kid subplot. Marcos always felt like a flimsy big bad dude to me and Phillip was just as bad. The end battle was good but it was not as good as some of the stuff from early seasons. I have not read the books but it felt cheap that so many people got killed on the planet assault but miraculously Bobby and Amos make it to the end credits.
I know book-wise there is a time jump so not sure why they bothered unless they play into the new books.

It was a good finale but I was not riveted to the screen and I'm not sure I would bother with movies in theaters, made for Amazon streamers I would watch but the last couple of seasons have felt uneven and if they are not rushed they seem to drag out like Namoi on the ship and the season in the ring structure both went too long for their story arc and did not progress the series as much as they could have if they trimmed those bits down. I give the series a B or B- at this point. Better than average but not by a whole lot.

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