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Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

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Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

Old 10-22-21, 06:13 PM
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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

That's not how a Lazarus Pit works. That's not how any of this works.

Oy, this show....
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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

I realize they had to find a way to get all the over powered heroes out of the picture so Nightwing and Gar and Tim, etc. could have their moment and all but... yeah that was really really really really really stupid. Also holy crap did they just hit a massive reset button for basically all their plotlines in one episode?\


Remember when Bruce left? yeah, done with that now. Remember killing someone was like a huge deal for Batman? All better.
Remember when those guys killed Nightwing even when they weren't under the influence of the water? They just killed him because? Gotham's all nice now.
Remember those people that died? Nah, no worries, everyone gets magic resurrection water. Oh wait wasn't there something about it containing your fears and Ras Al Ghul having a plan for that water? Nah, don't worry about it.
Remember when Red Hood was an irredeemable piece of crap? Yeah, all buddies now. No need to pay for any crimes. Dawn will be thrilled.
Remember when we blew up Blackfire's ship last episode? Nah, all better
Remember when Tim's family was like "yo you can't be a hero?" Nah.
Remember when we were all shocked that Bruce kept finding wayward teens to be Robin? And then we saw what an effect that had on Jason Todd who wanted to be Robin sooo much that it drove him to do terrible things? And then we're like, well at least Bruce isn't doing that anymore, whew. Oh wait this guy wants to be Robin, he's obsessed with superheroes, and he was one of the kids on the list? Let's go.
Remember Molly? Who? She went to go visit Rose I think.
Remember when Dick took out Superboy and Krypto? Nah, all good now.
Remember when Wondergirl was like one of the best parts of the show and then they killed her off and we all thought it was because the actress wanted to leave the show? But then she came back for a third season? Well they found another way to sideline her again.
Remember when Blackfire was like ruling Tamaran without powers and she killed Starfires parents and her boyfriend? Well the parents deserved it, and she's going back with powers to go rule them, but we can't blow our budget on a Tamaran arc so the most that will happen is she comes to visit again.

I can't wait until next season when they break up again because they're so disfunctional to fight a bad guy whose plans for 12 episodes turns out to be nothing but they get back together and become family again in the end, after breaking hundreds of laws.
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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

Dick being mad at Bruce all season for recruiting Robins and then meeting Tim and immediately taking him to fight Scarecrow and recruiting him to the Titans

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Deftones (10-22-21)
Old 10-22-21, 11:21 PM
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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

Well, that was pretty stupid and for this show that’s really saying something.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, almost everyone on this show is a bad person, except the “heroes” are less bad than the villains, but they’re all still homicidal, some sociopaths and apparently it doesn’t seem to matter..

I’m out, and I won’t be back next season.
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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

What a clusterfuck of a show, but I'll still keep watching and hoping it will some how get better, more cohesive, follow existing comic book arcs and generally be less fucking stupid.
Old 10-24-21, 02:15 PM
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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

I finished the last 3 episodes last night. I'm going to be in the minority and go against the mob with their pitchforks and say I found the season entertaining. Also glad that it wrapped up completely.

I did when Conner purposely blew up Blackfire's ship because he didn't want his girlfriend to leave.

I loved Barbara. I thought the actress did a great job even with her handicap. Not sure if she will be part of season 4 since it appears the Titans are going back to San Francisco and I assume that's where they will keep most stories at.

And I didn't really have an issue with Bruce's odd behavior. I understood that he was a battle scarred, old, tired and psychologically damaged man. And everything that he went through all these years was coming back to haunt him.

I'm sure Tim will play a bigger part of next season when he gets some training from Dick. Also, glad that Donna appears to be back in the picture and it's possible she could return as well. I thought she got the shaft last season with a badly written death. It also helps that Conner Leslie is cute.

Just a few quick thoughts. I'm not going to do some deep dive analysis,. I know some of you don't like how dark this show is or how these characters are written. And that's fine. The comic super hero genre is subjective and no one's opinion is wrong.

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Re: Titans (HBO Max) - Season 3 Thread - premieres 8/12/21

Originally Posted by DJariya View Post

I did when Conner purposely blew up Blackfire's ship because he didn't want his girlfriend to leave.
And then within an episode that's tied into a neat little bow.

I agree that Leslie/Wondergirl is one of the best parts of the show, so it baffles me that they continually find reasons to sideline her instead of make her a part of the actual team. I'm also really really tired of them rehashing the same plot of the Titans separating to come back together in the last episode, almost like the writers have no idea what to do if all of them acted like a team. Like sidelining Krypto and Superboy like that near the end was to me a Heroes-level plot twist to take out someone who could resolve the plot in seconds had they been around (made even more obvious when he takes Gar and an untrained kid with him for the finale).

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