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OldBoy 07-25-20 06:09 PM

Is this Altice/Optimum deal to good to be true?
So I wanted to lower my bill in NY with Optimum. Usually I’ve been pretty successful. Called couple times and struck out. Then I schedule a call back time from I guess retention dept as he said he was from. I said I was thinking of cancelling bc bill too high and he like interrupted me and said no no, customers with me never cancel, we’ll lower that bill. Now, this was probably outsourced to an Asian country, at least he sounded Asian. But he was confident.
Well, long story short after over an hour on phone with me asking questions and making sure for real bc sounds like great deal.

So, he says I’ll get upgraded to Optimum Premiere, which basically is all the premium channels. I had Silver which didn’t have Max or TMC, but with free HBO Max, no biggie on that one, but upgrade cable, upgrade on internet speed from 100 to 200 at no charge. New router and modem at no charge. Hardline. All of that for $155 including taxes. I was paying $230 for Silver.

All I have to do is the sign up for Altice mobile. They take over my remaining few payments on iPhone from Verizon and my bill will be $30 including taxes instead of nearly $100 I’m doing now. Soon to have been $50ish after phone paid off. Unlimited text, calls and data.

So, all in all from $330 to $185 for Premiere cable, 200 speed internet, hardline phone, cell phone. Great or too good?

PhantomStranger 07-25-20 11:30 PM

Re: Is this Altice/Optimum deal to good to be true?
The way it works, he gets a sign-up bonus for talking you into switching cell providers. I don't know the particulars and have never dealt with Optimum, but have generally found retention people at cable/sat companies to be very shady in how they operate.

You may have just hit the jackpot and gotten lucky when you talked to him. My understanding of how those cable reps operate is they are given a limited allotment of incentives each day to "spend" on customers that call in. He may have been near the end of his shift and had more freebies/discounts leftover to blow out than usual.

Geddlo 07-26-20 07:10 AM

Re: Is this Altice/Optimum deal to good to be true?
I've heard not so great things about Altice and Optimum in general is not a company you can trust.
you're cable bill will slowly start to increase after a few months most likely

OldBoy 07-26-20 07:13 PM

Re: Is this Altice/Optimum deal to good to be true?
I cancelled in nick of time. I didn’t do Altice Mobile. The reviews scared me straight!! No way I was losing cell service. I’ll pay more for less. Out of over 400 reviews, about 1% was positive!
Optimum as a cable and internet I do like. It’s high price, but rarely if ever lose service for any significant amount of time.

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