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Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

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Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

Old 11-13-18, 06:16 PM
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Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!


This is been bugging me some lately. There is a show that I am trying to think of the name of it. And I never see it aired anymore on TV. I believe that it was on the Nickelodeon channel back in the 1990s. I think it was mainly in the mid-nineties but I could be mistaken. All that I remember is that the show featured a kid. Or a pre-teen sort of in the age of 13 or maybe 14. He was the star. I think the show was named after him.

I know that today or nowadays that could be literally nine out of ten shows made. But I know this show was popular. To me it reminded me of a kid version of Ally McBeal. I think that Ally McBeal aired at around the same time as this.
I know that having a kid be a star of a show has been popular for a long time. That it isn't anything rare. Like Silver Spoons. Or webster. Family Ties and Growing pains (but those were multiple kids.) And there was that show about a girl who was a robot in the 1980s. This show on Nickelodeon I know was nothing at all like those shows. It had a more serious subject matter. And the kid wasn't all dolled up cutsey like those were. He was more serious minded. Actually I think he acted really adult like. And I think that was one of the attractions of the show. How mature he acted. But it was still entertaining. So I don't know the name of this! I think it was kind of one of those dysfunctional shows. Either the kid himself was dysfunctional or he was in a dysfunctional family type of situation. Maybe a plutonic family or something. I know there was something automatically weird about the show/situation that you were supposed to get. I don't know if this was a comedy or a black comedy. Maybe weird awkward comedy show. I'm not a very good ventriloquist. The kid seemed pretty sharp and intelligent not the type that could easily be conned or that Gary Busey could tell dumb jokes to.
I guess that's why I am in the mood to see this show now! I also remember this being the only show that looked half way decent on Nickelodeon. (If I am right on that!) I also think the show was one of those introspective shows. Like something would "happen" and you would get the awkward opinion/point of view response of that from this kid. I also remember that the kid wore a lot of those long sleeve polo shirts that sometimes looked a size too big for him. But that was part of the whole cute appeal.
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Old 11-13-18, 06:28 PM
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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

A show on Nick that starred a kid....gonna need a little more to go on.

(Small Wonder was the robot girl show)

Here's Wiki's list of 90s Nick shows.

90s was a little after my time, although I did like KaBlam!, Rocko, Alex Mack, Doug, and Clarissa.

Adventures of Pete and Pete is one of the more popular ones from that era.

I think I'd like to watch Fifteen again.

Which I just found out is on Amazon Prime.
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Old 11-13-18, 06:40 PM
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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

oversized polo shirts? Ned's Declassified (though that's 2000's). But it's not really about a quirky family, so who knows?

I didn't even know Emma Roberts had a show on Nick.
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Old 11-13-18, 07:19 PM
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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

Well thanks. None of those. I know I haven't given you much to go on. I know we are living in a time when we aren't really allowed to think. And this is one of those that is straining my mind to think of the name! Tony you listed a lot of shows that are obvious kid shows. (I know small wonder was the show with the girl that was a robot..This is nothing like that.) This kid in the show was maybe a couple of years younger than Sabrina the Teenage witch. But this show wasn't corny like I felt Sabrina was.

The theme of this show to me was more like Doogie Howser M.D. And the fact that the star of the show was a kid or pre-teenish you were supposed to overlook. And I am sorry that is all I can kind of give you. I remember the kid was really mature. To me he was more mature than Scott Baio was in Charles in Charge. Like I think this was a kid (adult-like) who had to use his charisma and skills to keep fragile situations together, especially family and school. I think a lot of the show was filmed when he was in school, walking around the hallways and things. And I think his school situation was kind of dysfunctional too. And this quirky kid was like the stability and glue for that as well.

This is one of those things that I am sure I will see somewhere and then it will automatically click. And then I will be like, That's it! Unfortunatly that moment may come tomorrow or a year from now. Who knows. It's bugging me. I want to see the show. Just can't think of the name of it. The second closest thing I can think of to this that I am in the mood to watch based on a similar subject is Doogie Howser M.D. But I am not a big fan of the actor Neil Patrick Harris. (I guess I am not really a huge fan of the actor of this show I am trying to think of either. But it bugs me that I can't think of it. I am willing to give him and the show a second chance, mainly because so much time has gone by. And the shows on today are such drivel and crap.

Umm..This kid (about 13 or 14ish) was a white kid! I don't know if that helps. Sorry. I don't give you much to go on. I'm still sleuthing my brain. It is possible that this show was not on Nickelodeon. Or possible that Nickelodeon dropped the show kind of fast because the subject matter was kind of weird and not really like the normal kiddy. I remember I think something would happen. Then the kid would have a odd puzzled look on his face. And then walk down the hall or something and you would hear a voice (which was supposed to be the kid's consciousness) contemplating what he had just heard or experienced and trying to think of how he should respond to it. Introspective conversation. Like he had to evolve emotionally or something to respond to these new happenings. But have the conversation in his head first. Sounds pagan. Too bad this kid didn't have a wooden peg leg or something that could make it easier.

Omg. Poosh. Nevermind everyone!! Just had a eureka moment. Found out the name of the show. It is Malcolm in the Middle. Ok. well I answered my own question. Ha, thanks for the help guys. Did some of my own legwork there too and got it. Malcolm in the middle. Malcolm in the middle! Ha funny, when I did a google search and saw the kid Frankie Muniz he was looking at me like, Hey have you figured it out? Ok, I was wrong on the year. And I think I was wrong on the network. Apparently this was on Fox! Sorry guys. I can't wax poetic anymore. My brain must have for some reason believed this was on nickelodeon. Bring your own dog gone Atari, says lou dobbs!
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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

so not Nickelodeon and not the 90s. got it.
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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

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Re: Trying to think of name of a Nickelodeon Show in 1990s. Help!

Ren & Stimpy
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