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DJariya 06-25-14 05:38 PM

Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14

Jakes tries to find a contraband-smuggling bus; Tuturro gets in over his head after selling an antique gun to the son of a cartel leader.

Episode 3 of 13

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PhantomStranger 06-26-14 09:45 PM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14
This was another solid episode with the kind of drama and action we've come to expect from Graceland. The producers are finding any excuse this year to keep Serinda Swan in as little clothing as possible.:lol: They know where their bread is buttered.

DJariya 06-27-14 01:03 AM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14
Yeah that was a really solid episode. Actually kind of funny I chose a Serinda Swan promo photo as I had no idea she was the focus of this episode. That A plot with her and the drug smuggling ring was quite intense. I'm guessing that young Ukrainian girl is dead.

Funny how no one noticed that Paige was barely keeping her top on in that early scene. Uh, kind of obvious she had a man in her room and just had sex :D

Looks like USA is taking the Fourth of July week off for new shows.

randian 06-27-14 02:34 AM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14
Paige speaking Ukrainian came out of left field.

Original Desmond 07-04-14 08:14 AM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14
Watched first three episodes of this season, bit blah so far and judging from the Graceland threads, not many people interested

Charlie Goose 07-04-14 09:30 AM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14
This is the only USA show that's holding my interest right now. I gave up on Royal Pains this season, and Suits is becoming a snooze. None of the new shows look like anything either. I need some White Collar.

Ropes Pierre 07-04-14 05:10 PM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14

Originally Posted by randian (Post 12151713)
Paige speaking Ukrainian came out of left field.

i bet she is Ukrainian American and her real name is Zhinkadivchyna
(Ukrainian for page).

great she could keep on message after getting stabbed in the hand. i would have just kept yelling are you effin crazy, why did you do that? over and over. i hope she gets to shoot him in the ass later as payback.

haven't seen covert affairs or suits in awhile, so this feels like the most solid show on USA these days.

PhantomStranger 07-04-14 05:58 PM

Re: Graceland (S2E03) -- "Tinker Bell" -- 6/25/14
This is the only USA show I continue to watch. All the USA shows adhere to a basic formula and it often makes for predictable television.

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