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DJariya 06-11-14 06:21 PM

Graceland (S2E01) -- Season Premiere -- "The Line" -- 6/11/14

When a cartel puts a hit on Mike, he returns to Graceland, finding the place changed.

Starring Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit, Brandon Jay McLaren, Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, Manny Montana

13 episode 2nd season

I watched the last 6 or 7 episodes from season 1 on demand after missing them last season. It took me awhile, but I did get into this show. Started out as kind of a slow burn, but picked up.

DJariya 06-12-14 05:13 PM

Re: Graceland (S2E01) -- Season Premiere -- "The Line" -- 6/11/14
:thumbsup: Emily Rose from Haven being on this.

Pretty good 1st episode. Seemed like a logical reason for Mike to head back to California with the cartel wanting his head. He and Briggs have the opportunity to make a major bust. Plus, there appears to be a copycat crew.

Does Charlie know about what happened with Briggs and Badillo? Otherwise, why would she be staking out his widow?

I have a feeling new nameless guy is not long for the house. You could also kill off Dale and no one would miss him.

PhantomStranger 06-16-14 12:26 AM

Re: Graceland (S2E01) -- Season Premiere -- "The Line" -- 6/11/14
That was a good start to the season, if a bit predictable. I thought saving Mike from those gang members was a little too easy and pat.

I thought the first season was great, hopefully they can recapture that magic again.

PhantomStranger 06-16-14 07:44 PM

Re: Graceland (S2E01) -- Season Premiere -- "The Line" -- 6/11/14
This premiere episode is free to own on most of the streaming services at the moment.

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