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Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

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Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Old 01-05-19, 01:33 PM
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Originally Posted by cultshock View Post
The actor who played Colin in this has quit Twitter because of the usual brave assholes hiding behind their computer screens calling him ugly, etc. I'd love to see what some of those beauties look like. Not surprising, considering the cesspool that social media has become, good for him, no one should have to put up with this crap.
I've been trying for days to remember where I knew Will Poulter from as I haven't seen any of the other movies mentioned here. It was his first film when he was a child, Son of Rambow, very sweet and charming movie. I don't understand the trend lately for geeks to cyber-bully actors and actresses for made up reasons or no reason at all. He was great in Bandersnatch.
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Old 01-06-19, 08:41 AM
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Originally Posted by cultshock View Post
I had a Commodore 64, and it's cassette player was really slow as well. I ended up saving my money all summer so that I could buy a disc drive for it. Much better, and we had a dual disc drive in the computer lab at school, so every lunch and break it was non-stop game copying. Oh crap, maybe I shouldn't talk about that here, am I breaking a rule? Oh hell, that was nearly 35 years ago, so fuck it.
Yeah, better not start talking about Dissector and ISEPIC; might start to give people ideas.

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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Originally Posted by melasnus View Post
This was supposed to be my big New Year's Eve movie for the wife and me.
I talked it up beforehand based upon the novelty of the approach and as a confirmed fan of the series.
After 20 minutes in, I realized I didn't give a rat's ass about the characters or what might happen to them one wit.
Dumped it and moved on...
This is how I felt. The overall story wasn't interesting at all and neither were the characters in it. It seemed like no matter what choice you made you would eventuallu get rerouted to make the other choice eventually. I like most of Black Mirror's episodes especially when they had a twist ending like San Juniper. By the time I got to the end of this episode I just didn't care. I fely it dragged on for too long and really went nowhere. I think Black Mirror set the bar really high with San Juniper and it will be really difficult for them to reach that level again. It's kind of like M Night movies. It will be very hard to top the twist ending that he had with Sixth Sense and no other movie he does after that is every going to be able to have that same level of amazement. I can't imagine any new movies he does to have a better plot twist than Bruce Willis being a ghost.
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

San Junipero was a good episode, but the ending was really obvious for a Black Mirror episode.

Also, the movie ends when you get to an ending -- them allowing you to keep going definitely took away from it (but saved me time since I would have gone for every ending regardless). I like to believe him going to the doctor and kicking his dad in the balls was the proper ending.

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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Netflix Hit With Lawsuit Over ‘Bandersnatch’ by ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Book Publisher
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Old 01-11-19, 05:13 PM
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

I would think it could increase book sales.
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Old 01-12-19, 10:14 AM
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

There's tons of off-brand CYOA adventure series. The genre is called gamebooks, although that includes books that play like a solitaire RPG.

Ryan North has a series of "Chooseable-Path Adventures" based on Shakespeare. Doctor Who has the "Decide Your Destiny" and "Choose the Future" series of books. There's "Pick Your Own Quest" and "You Say Which Way Adventures" book series.

Then there's the books that more closely ape the CYOA name, and even book cover design. "Choose Your Own Misery: Dating", "Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire: Choose Your Own Horrible History", "Ocean of Lard (Choose Your Own Mindf*** Fest #17)" , and "Escape from Fire Island!: A Date with Destiny Adventure". These are also more mature titles aimed at adults. They may get away with the similarities by being parodies of the CYOA series.

There's also gamebook erotica, so definitely more "adult" than the CYOA series.

This is also not Netflix's first interactive episode. They've done interactive episodes of Puss in Boots, Buddy Thunderstruck, and Stretch Armstrong before Bandersnatch

I think Bandersnatch rose the level of prominence of the episodes Netflix was doing though, which maybe prompted this response. The two main points the CYOA team have for their trademark infringement claim are that a character actually says the phrase "choose your own adventure" in the episode, and that Netflix tried to negotiate a license for the CYOA name. I think the idea is that since Netflix tried to license the name, they new they could be potentially infringing on the trademark. However, CYOA is just a trademark, not a copyright or patent over the genre, so Netflix isn't infringing just by making interactive content. Also, while the phrase is used in Bandersnatch, I don't think it credibly confuses the reasonable consumer into thinking it's officially connected to the CYOA book series.
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

One of today’s ShirtPunch offerings.
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Finally got around to watching Bandersnatch. I enjoyed the hell out of it, both the story and the concept of it. It was really fun, making the choices and how meta they were. I am really impressed at how seamless it was on Netflix. I appreciate that they are willing to take chances like this on things. Can't wait for the season.
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Re: Black Mirror -- British anthology series -- Channel 4 / Netflix

Originally Posted by Mr. Flix View Post

Thanks for this. I got the PACS ending. Which does not sound as cool as some of the others. I thought it was pretty well done overall. Some choices it appeared you had to take to move the narrative.

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