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DJariya 03-04-13 07:45 PM

Being Human -- "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland" -- 3/04/13
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Josh pops the question to Nora; Liam kidnaps and tortures Aidan; and Sally's body begins to decompose.

Episode 8 of 13

Cellar Door 03-04-13 10:06 PM

Re: Being Human -- "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland" -- 3/04/13
Damn good episode.

Things are really getting grim for our trio. Josh is scratched by Liam-wolf, Aidan is infected with the fatal virus, and Sally is turning into... a ghoul?

It was inevitable Josh would end up a wolf again, either by Liam's or Nora's claws. I thought they might hold off until the end of the season, though. I like how loyal Josh is to Aidan and how fearless he was in going to his rescue.

As for Aidan... There hasn't been any indication of a cure for this virus, which makes me worry there's going to be some kind of miracle cure at the last minute. The only thing I can think of is that somehow bubble-boy's blood will be able to cleanse him of the virus. Oh! Or maybe the witch can do some voodoo to cure him.

I was really enjoying these past several weeks of Meaghan Rath's non-ghost hotness :hump:, and now they've gone and made Sally kinda gross with the open sores and all. :whofart: Certainly the witch will play a part in Sally's future.

It's been a really solid season so far. The writing is great--the storylines are fairly unpredictable, but not just random. Everything that happens feels plausible (within the world of the show) and actions have consequences. The writers always do a good job of tying the different characters' conflicts together.

I still think Nora's days are numbered, especially now that Josh has proposed to her. I like her character though as a sort of "friendly" antagonist to Aidan, so I'll be glad if I'm wrong.

mortalplague 03-05-13 01:50 AM

Re: Being Human -- "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland" -- 3/04/13
I pretty much agree with everything you said. It was inevitable that josh was going to become a werewolf again it was just a matter of time and i doubt this is it for Aiden they'll find somehow to keep him going. So who's going to kill Liam? If Josh does it he's cured again so i don't see that happening. Maybe a battle with Aiden and liam and Nora steps in.

celmendo 03-05-13 04:16 PM

Re: Being Human -- "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland" -- 3/04/13
I think it'll have to be Nora that kills him because it'll come out that she killed his daughter and she'll die as a result of the battle but maybe not cuz I do like the actress. I'm glad they haven't made Nora the harridan that her British counterpart became but still her argument that her killing the daughter was self defense and she wasn't an innocent was just stupid because the same thing could have been said by Aidan about the teen wolf.

Have no idea how they'll cure Aidan but it'll happen or maybe he'll die and come back too.

And I hate how characters don't say things. Like Sally's friend not saying eat some cats and the grossness goes away.

Enjoying the show a lot this season

Cellar Door 03-05-13 04:32 PM

Re: Being Human -- "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland" -- 3/04/13
Another positive note: we weren't beat over the head every commercial break with that Subaru commercial with a trio of roommates consisting of, coincidentally, a werewolf, ghost, and vampire.

But, hey, whatever pays the bills for the show is okay with me!

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