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DJariya 10-05-10 04:32 AM

Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
<img src="http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/3871/detroit187.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="http://profile.imageshack.us/user/djariya">djariya</a> at 2010-09-03


The investigation into what appears to be a simple robbery-homicide of a Brush Park squatter leads Fitch, Washington, Longford and Majahan to uncover something much more complex. In other events, Stone and Sanchez, take on the case of a murdered teenager who was found with his severely beaten father, a Vietnam veteran.

If you have been following the ratings for this show, it's actually been finishing 2nd in the timeslot. It's doing pretty well so far.

Fist of Doom 10-05-10 11:34 PM

Re: Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
Excellent episode - the cast is really starting to gel. I thought getting the hitman to confess was a little cheesy, but I liked how they fooled the two young punks into signing confessions. Loving the gritty flavor of this show.

One thing seemed odd: The captain was giving out assignments at the start of the day, Hill Street Blues style. Aren't homicide detectives called out immediately to the scene of a murder? (Or does Detroit have so many murders, there's always a fresh one?)

MrX 10-06-10 01:31 AM

Re: Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
I am enjoying the series.

I'm glad they didn't draw out the whole "new guy not being accepted" angle very long with Fitch's partner and made him a part of the group.

Jack Straw 10-06-10 02:57 PM

Re: Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
Any other Sopranos actors showing up on this show?

djones6746 10-06-10 09:27 PM

Re: Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
Best episode to air so far....keep them coming. Really starting to like this show alot!!!! :cool:

TheKing 10-07-10 08:57 AM

Re: Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
I wouldn't say the ratings are great with this show. Yeah it finishes second, but that's because Parenthood isn't drawing at all. Actually, after looking at this week's ratings, Parenthood actually did better in 18-49 this week (2.0 to 1.8), but 187 did better in overall numbers.

It's doing OK, but I can see ABC moving this when V comes back. The problem with this show is that it sticks out like a sore thumb. They don't have anything to team it up with on the schedule other than V, and even that would make an odd pair.

Still, compared to My Generation and The Whole Truth, it's doing great!

Fist of Doom 10-13-10 02:43 AM

Re: Detroit 187 -- "Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier" -- 10/05/10
I guess there's not enough discussion anymore to warrant individual episode threads, but I really like this show. I wish they would create more long-term arcs and not have every case solved each week, though. That would give the show a more authentic feel. But the cast is very good and I continue to love the music they use.

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