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DJariya 10-04-10 05:51 AM

Castle -- "Under the Gun" -- 10/04/10
<img src="http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/3438/castle2.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="http://profile.imageshack.us/user/djariya">djariya</a> at 2010-09-17


Encoded evidence sparks Castle's imagination during the investigation into a bail bondsman's murder, but Beckett dismisses his wild theories. Meanwhile, Beckett's reunion with her ex-partner turns romantic, much to Castle's chagrin.

:thumbsup: So far, So Good and the ratings have been solid as well.

DJariya 10-04-10 03:49 PM

Re: Castle -- "Under the Gun" -- 10/04/10
Nathan Fillion did make a little mention about Stephen J. Cannell on his Twitter page:


Stephen Cannell, For shaping my youth, influencing the pros around me, and participating in Castle, thank you. You will be missed.

I wonder if a future poker game with the other writers will address that he passed on.

Dr. DVD 10-04-10 05:21 PM

Re: Castle -- "Under the Gun" -- 10/04/10
Like the photo. This cast seems like a fun bunch of people.

DJariya 10-04-10 07:09 PM

Re: Castle -- "Under the Gun" -- 10/04/10
FYI, if your in the Boston area, Castle will not be seen tonight because their ABC affiliate is simulcasting the Patriots/Dolphins game from ESPN.

silentbob007 10-05-10 08:09 AM

Re: Castle -- "Under the Gun" -- 10/04/10
I always find it interesting how "perfect" his daughter is ... I find this much more interesting for this type of show than angst-driven melodrama, however.

davidh777 10-07-10 02:26 AM

Re: Castle -- "Under the Gun" -- 10/04/10
A Mad magazine fold-in callout! :lol::thumbsup:

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