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DJariya 09-28-10 04:51 AM

One Tree Hill -- "The Space in Between" -- 09/28/10
<img src="http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/5022/onetreehill.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="http://profile.imageshack.us/user/djariya">djariya</a> at 2010-09-14


Brooke and Julian spend the day babysitting Jamie. Meanwhile, Nathan makes a big choice about his career; and Victoria and Millicent join forces to cook up a scheme.

Still liking this show despite it's cheesiness. Last week's ghost-themed episode was ridiculously cheesy, but it had it's moments.

As Red Dog said last week, it definitely needs more of Alex's hotness and her cat fighting with Mia.

DJariya 09-29-10 01:50 AM

Re: One Tree Hill -- "The Space in Between" -- 09/28/10
Dear James Lafferty:
Please tell Mark Schwahn to never ever write a scene where you have to cry on cue ever again.

I will watch this show until The CW closes the doors and throws away the key, but I found this episode really boring and it was way overly dramatic, especially with Lafferty's crying scene. I had to laugh at the dialogue he had to recite about not being able to handle it. And they need to resolve this Clay-Quinn-Psycho Katie storyline ASAP. She's still at large, so I know Schwahn is still going to address this again in a future episode.

Also, the guest artists so far on the opening credits don't work. Please go back to Gavin Degraw's version. Aimee Mann's version last week didn't work and whoever the hell sang tonight's version sucked even worse. I heard that Kate Voegele is also supposed to do her version as well.

-ohbfrank- And Oh geez, I would have never guessed that the black guy Clay was chatting with in Purgatory would be his organ donor as well.

On the bright side, in the little clip from next week it does look like we will get a little Alex action. So please let next week be a fun lighthearted episode for a change.

boogieman03 09-29-10 01:53 AM

Re: One Tree Hill -- "The Space in Between" -- 09/28/10
The crying scene was terrible.

I want some fun OTH.

Red Dog 09-29-10 08:49 AM

Re: One Tree Hill -- "The Space in Between" -- 09/28/10
God this show really blows now (it's been rather consistently boring since HS to begin with). Once they mentioned the words kidney transplant, it was obvious that coma-dream black dude was going to be donor.

bigjim25 09-29-10 07:46 PM

Re: One Tree Hill -- "The Space in Between" -- 09/28/10
:up: DJariya's letter :lol:

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