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Match 02-08-10 06:01 PM

American Choppers Cancelled.

I didn't even know this was still on.

Also, Paul Sr suing Paul Jr.

Bill Needle 02-08-10 06:52 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.
Not surprising. Once Paul Jr and Mikey left, the OCC part of the show was the least interesting thing about it. Also, if Paul Jr is smart he will in fact sell his OCC shares to pops, because as soon as this show is off the air no one will give two craps about the OCC franchise and shares will plummet in value. Even when the show was still popular they nearly went bankrupt.

rduncan 02-08-10 07:34 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.
I wonder if anything came out of the show where Jr brought his "posse" of Attys and Accountants to get boxes of records. Apparently he wanted his 10% of OCC. I also find it interesting (notice I did not say enjoyable or funny) that it appears Jr doesn't have any real work after the Coleman stove design. OK, a dog park but nothing really in the pipe line. Wonder what happened to the boutique his girlfriend/fiance opened?? Where's Vinny when you need him??? Actually I hope the best for all of them.

Nefarious 02-08-10 07:57 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.
Jr owns 20% and allegedly agreed to sell it back to his father after leaving OCC. They can't agree on price. Sr is suing to force the sale. Jr brought his attorneys and accts in to get the financial run down on the company which as an invested owner is his right.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a Jr Designs w/ Mikey show if he can get any traction with his business.

He and Rachel (wisely) put her shop on hold due to economy and not wanting to launch two businesses at once.

MEJHarrison 02-08-10 08:37 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.
Can't say I'll miss it. After the split, the show just hasn't been the same.

I_Like_Movies 02-08-10 08:53 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.
This doesn't surprise me at all.. Couldn't even sit through an entire episode

bdshort 02-09-10 02:30 AM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.
Was OCC a name in the chopper business at all before the show started? My impressions early on with their bikes were that they were off the shelf parts with a few bits and pieces tacked on, though some of the more recent shows seemed to feature bikes with a lot more in house fabrication. Part of the reason I liked the Biker Build Off shows way more than AC. I can't really imagine OCC lasting a whole lot longer without the show.

jjcool 02-09-10 01:14 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.

Originally Posted by rduncan (Post 9988611)
Where's Vinny when you need him???

Getting a new show. http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbc...LIFE02/2080304

Bluelitespecial 04-07-10 08:12 PM

Re: American Choppers Cancelled.

Ammerican Chopper isn't done yet, TLC is bringing it back sometime this summer called "American Chopper Senior Vs. Junior". Following Paul Jr. as he opens his own bike shop.

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