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Best debut season from a TV show?

Old 09-27-08, 03:13 PM
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Best debut season from a TV show?

We all know that more often than not, it's usually the first season of any TV show that ends up being the best out of it's run on TV.

What would you say is your most favorite debut season?

For me, I would say that it would have to be 'Lost'. Subsequent seasons have had it's ups and downs, but for me the first season just kept getting better and better
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Veronica Mars
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The Sopranos.
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24 was good.
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Hmm . . . I would say usually the first season isn't the best (I'd say seasons 2 and 3 since the first season finds itself and later seasons are often played out).
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Has to be Lost. Every episode just built in excitement and mystery.
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24. It proved that television action shows could be at least as good and better than action flicks at the movies.
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The Sopranos
The Shield
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Count me in as another person who disputes this theory. Recently, the drive toward cancellation after a season or less has led to some shows burning their premises up early and having the first season be the best. Those shows that don't conform to that strategy and those shows that existed before this pressure came about almost never feature the best season as season one. I'll also note that season one is virtually never the best season of any comedy.

Of those shows where season one really is best, I think I'd go with The Sopranos. There is a huge gulf between that season and any of the rest.
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May I introduce you to "Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent Dale Cooper"

Of course it was only on for 2 seasons so...
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Originally Posted by John Slider View Post
Veronica Mars
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Veronica Mars

(Alias is 2nd, but not so close).
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Murder One
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The Office (UK) - Such a game-changing show (as made evident by the success of the US "remake"), and the first season really, really laid the groundwork for a different kind of sitcom.
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Friday Night Lights!
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24 for me.
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The Sopranos
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The Shield
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Mad Men
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Boomtown had a great first season.
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Originally Posted by GoldenJCJ View Post
May I introduce you to "Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent Dale Cooper"

Of course it was only on for 2 seasons so...
This, with Lost coming in at number two.
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