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Heroes -- "the Second Coming/the Butterfly Effect" + Recap = 3hrs -- 09.22.2008

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Heroes -- "the Second Coming/the Butterfly Effect" + Recap = 3hrs -- 09.22.2008

Old 09-27-08, 06:47 PM
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I think the show has a bit of a bum rap on this killing people thing. Isaac is dead. So is mini-Bilson and the mini-Bilson replacement. We haven't seen a few of the other former characters who very well may be dead. Linderman may also very well be dead.

I think people just really wish Nathan Petrelli would die.
Old 09-27-08, 09:34 PM
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You can also throw in Ted, Wonder Twin #2, Mohinder's dad, Elle's dad, Hiro's dad, and Mica's dad (daddy issues like Lost?), but those were all secondary/tertiary characters. None of the main characters have ever been in real danger.
Old 09-27-08, 11:01 PM
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Ok, I'm watching a repeat of the premiere and although Skylar just "figured out" Claire's power by looking at her brain, he definitely snapped something in her head before got up and used hi new healing powers. I'm guessing this is related to her now not being able to feel pain.
Old 09-29-08, 12:02 PM
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This post is stupid.

Originally Posted by Doc MacGyver View Post

Similarly, they figured "Well, badass unstoppable Sylar was really popular in season one... let's make him even MORE unstoppable.. then we'll make him a GOOD GUY!"
There has been ZERO indication of him being made a "good guy".

"And people liked 'Badass Future Hiro' and 'Badass Future Peter'... let's give them Badass EVIL future Claire! out-of-character?! Character-shmaracter! It'll be hot!"
"Evil Claire"? She was taking Peter out because he fucked everything up for them. Hardly evil. Plus, we have no idea if it's out of character, considering it's IN THE FUTURE. A lot can change in four years. Read: Wesley Wendham-Pryce from Angel.

"What if PETER shot Nathan?! To prevent a terrible future! (people love time travel)... what? What do you mean 'why doesn't he just go back in time to before the press conference and tell Nathan not to expose his powers'? That's not AWESOME!"
Maybe because Peter was WITH HIM THE WHOLE TIME.

For the love of God, just once I'd like to see a network drama that doesn't treat its audience as if they were blithering idiots.
Perhaps if people actually paid attention and didn't whine and bitch...

Old 09-29-08, 12:51 PM
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I really hope you're not saying to the people who see plot holes that it's because we aren't paying attention. There have been plenty of poorly written moments, and some of them are easy to ignore and still enjoy the show, but some are just so ridiculous that you can't. Unfortunately I am beginning to see more and more of the latter.
Old 09-29-08, 01:26 PM
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I'm saying that the "plot holes" that the posted I quoted pointed out aren't even remotely close to being plot holes.
Old 09-29-08, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Giantrobo View Post
As a comic book reader who sees dead characters brought to life all the time, this complaining is very funny to me.

I mean shit, DC just brought back Barry "The Flash" Allen.

They did? Argh...

At least in most comic book stories, the weird ways people are brought back are due to some change in writers, who want to bring back their favorite characters. Heroes is (or should be) all the brainchild of Kring and co., who we're hoping have some kind of master plan in place.

Still, I was entertained by the show, and at this point, I'm a little used to the gaping plot holes. I'm not sure why everyone seems to put season 1 on this pedestal... it was largely pedestrian and full of boring/uninteresting side stories, up until a month or two in when it all started to come together. Obviously, season 2 didn't have this kind of time to grow (though IMHO, it did get better near the end), but I'm hoping season 3 does.

Does anyone, I mean anyone, like Mohinder, though? Hiro, despite doing stupid, self serving things, is at least pretty likable. Mohinder, even during his little introductory monologues, is just pretentious and annoying, and it seems like he ALWAYS does the wrong thing. And this guy is supposed to be the smartest guy on the show?

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