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LorenzoL 05-04-08 07:58 AM

The Simpsons -- "Any Given Sundance" -- 05/04/08
"Any Given Sundance"
Lisa makes a documentary of her own family for a school project, and the film is so impressive that Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner push her to enter the documentary in the Sundance Film Festival.

First Aired: Sunday May 4, 2008

Raul3 05-04-08 01:17 PM

a Lisa episode! that should be fun...... ;)

Seantn 05-04-08 02:58 PM

I hope they insert their political views into it for a change. ;)

Coral 05-04-08 08:30 PM

Simple and clever episode. Not hilarious but I had a few good laughs.

Nice cameos from Jim Jarmush and John C. Reilly.

Loved the homage to The 400 Blows.

MrX 05-04-08 08:31 PM

I liked it

"Ain't I Fat News"rotfl

"No more Simpsons movies, one was plenty'

CPA-ESQ. 05-05-08 09:43 AM

Loved the Nelson movie!

This episode had nothing over the top - just a good story and lots of little gags.

Groucho 05-05-08 09:46 AM

It wasn't bad, but the show has already done a film festival episode. Plus, South Park did a better job lampooning Sundance.

macnorton 05-05-08 10:53 AM

What a great episode...too many quoatables and a great cameo from Jarmush.

"Daddy, I made a Ralph-wich" - comedy GOLD!
"Death to Maggie" - cracked me up

Loved the attitudes of the people at the film festival, how incredibly accurate.

There was also a great message in this episode also, don't believe the hype. Ironically that can be applied to The Simpsons the last few years...I read all the reviews about how much this show has gone down hill, but you know what I have been watching and i don't agree. A review can't be the be all end all, but some people take it that way. Make your own opinion and think for yourself.

islandclaws 05-09-08 08:45 PM

I thought this episode was damn funny. Smart and sharp, just as I like it. The show may have strayed far from it's roots, and it liberaly retcons, but at this point it kinda has to.

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