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mrpayroll 04-17-08 04:20 PM

Official Thread: Real World XX - Hollywood (starts 4/16/08)
Unless I'm not seeing a thread here, I cannot believe no one has started a thread on this show.

Let's just say that this group of 7 is infinity more interesting than the last one in Australia.

Cast | Joey
Age: 24 Chicago, Ill. A true blue Chicagoan, Joey has never ventured outside the state of Illinois. As a personal trainer and former bodybuilder, he is devoted to physical fitness and works out all the time. Despite staying focused, Joey is...

Cast | Kimberly
Age: 24 Columbia, S.C. With her Southern belle charm and na?veté, Kimberly is sometimes perceived as a ditzy blonde. Raised in a deeply religious household in a small town, she rebelled against her parents' restrictive rules. However,...

Cast | Dave
Age: 22 Waynesboro, Penn. Outgoing and fun, Dave loves to be the center of attention. He'll do just about anything for a laugh -- the more shocking the better, in fact. A naturally gifted athlete, Dave likes to participate in any and all...

Cast | Sarah
Age: 21 Phoenix, Ariz. A recent graduate from Arizona State University, Sarah is serious about becoming a broadcast journalist. Although she's a budding feminist, she still retains some strong conservative, traditional views. Sarah is very...

Cast | Will
Age: 23 Detroit, Mich. Cute, charismatic and witty, Will is the true ladies' man of The Real World house. In his hometown of Detroit, he worked as a DJ, performing at weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. In Hollywood, Will plans to...

Cast | Brianna
Age: 20 Philadelphia, Penn. Brianna is a self-described "Philly girl" -- she tells it like it is and doesn't allow others to disrespect her. But beneath her tough exterior, she hides a very sensitive side. Before moving to Hollywood, Brianna...

Cast | Greg
Age: 20 Daytona Beach, Fla. Greg is the first Real World roommate to be selected by viewers, who voted online for "PretyBoy" (aka "The Chosen One"). With an unusual outlook on life -- he refers to people around him as "peasants" and...
Greg is the 'Black Sheep' (pun intended) of the household. No one likes him because he's self absorbed and doesn't care about anyone else in the house. He should make for an interesting 'powder keg' in the house.

Though, Joey seems to have a pretty explosive personality.

The picture of Sarah doesn't do her justice. She is very beautiful, when her hair is done properly. I don't think we will be seeing much 'female' hysterics in the house this year.


Finisher 04-17-08 05:33 PM

Somebody punch assclown Greg in the face ASAP.

Sarah looks gorgeous with her hair fixed up. I don't think she realizes how hot she is.

Giantrobo 04-17-08 05:40 PM

Originally Posted by Finisher
Somebody punch assclown Greg in the face ASAP.

...and as you're pulling your arm back from that punch, elbow that Spikey haired Douchebag Joey right in his nose. :lol:

Ronnie Dobbs 04-17-08 08:28 PM

Joey looks like a douchebag. Two and a half black people. Wow!

Red Dog 04-17-08 08:31 PM

Not much eye candy this time, which considering they have a stripper in there is disappointing. Sarah is a good looking though. They need more good looking associates.

The house is pretty cool. Hollywood is a meh location though.

Giantrobo 04-17-08 08:41 PM

Originally Posted by Ronnie Dobbs
Joey looks like a douchebag. Two and a half black people. Wow!

Yeah I thought the same thing. But then I remembered the Season that Coral was in(Back to NY?) and there were a buncha Da Blacks there too.

boogieman03 04-17-08 09:06 PM

That's a pretty cool house....until it rains.

Looks like it could be an interesting season.

Sarah's a hottie.

Bluelitespecial 04-18-08 12:03 AM

Who the hell gels their hair like that, Joey looks like a douche.

Thrush 04-18-08 01:17 AM

Originally Posted by boogieman03
That's a pretty cool house....until it rains.

It rains like 2 days a year out there.

sergtv 04-19-08 01:23 AM

for somebody that can't stand greg, sarah can't stop talking about him.. also doesn't joey look like a buffed out version of brad from rw san diego? looks like its going to be a drama filled out season.

ardathbey 04-19-08 01:27 AM

Thank goodness, my fav guilty pleasure is back.
Wow, Greg is a total tool. Check that, he's a bag of tools.

riley_dude 04-19-08 02:33 AM

Is that rubber cement in Joey's hair?

Thrush 04-19-08 02:39 AM

Originally Posted by sergtv
for somebody that can't stand greg, sarah can't stop talking about him.. also doesn't joey look like a buffed out version of brad from rw san diego? looks like its going to be a drama filled out season.

In the promos

It looks like they make out at some point

fumanstan 04-19-08 04:59 AM

Greg's personality has to be an act right. Right?

And yeah, Joey seems like a douche bag too.

None of the chicks are knock out hot, but at least no one's particularly bad looking although Brianna... looks kind of weird. Sometimes she looks good, and others she looks kinda weird.

Jacoby Ellsbury 04-19-08 11:18 AM

Have seen every episode of this show up until around the Las Vegas season, show jumped the shark for me at that point. Its been about 5 rw/rr challenges since I last watched that spin-off. Bill simmons from espn still goes on about how great that show is of course he's kicking 40's door down and isnt really in tune with whats cool anymore. Is Road rules even a show anymore? Shortly after one of the producers/creators of the show, I think Bunim died is when I think the show went downhill. Its not like there is writing for the show or anything, I just happen to lose interest around that time. Threadcrap, waaaaahhhh

BDB 04-19-08 03:58 PM

Missed this. Got to catch one of the hundred or so reruns.

BDLOU 04-19-08 07:21 PM

Thought it was pretty funny that Brianna took a liking to Joey. He seems like the exact same person that she broke up with. Some people will never learn. Sarah confuses me. I can't tell if she's just acting like she doesn't know she is hot or if she is for real. I kinda get the vibe that she has always been in a relationship or always focused on school. Either way, she appears to be on the verge of a breakout season. I have a feeling Greg won't be there all season.

spainlinx0 04-24-08 01:06 PM

It's going to be a fun season. What's funny is that I used to think 30 minutes was too short, but during the last episode I was thinking an hour is too long.

Greg wasn't as annoying. It is HILARIOUS how jealous and petty girls can be. They were talking about how trashy it was for that girl to have her boobs hanging out and then come over. Then the next night, they are that trashy girl inviting guys over.

Kimberly is not attractive. However, her accent is hilarious. Every time she says ghetto cracks me up.

BDB 05-06-08 11:04 PM

An Hour is far too long, I'm catching up, and it takes effort to watch an hour.

Brianna dresses like a straight up Hooker. She must be earning extra cash on the side walking the strip.

Joey's a douche, the other 2 girls are not bad, Kim and Sarah, Pretty Boy is mellowing out a little, and davis is normal.

I'll be dissapointed in Sarah if she hooks up with Will though.

And I'm just watching the part where Bri got kissed by a girl who had coke in her mouth! Awesome stuff.

Boondock Saint 05-07-08 12:36 AM

Joey is psycho.

Red Dog 05-07-08 08:55 AM

I'm just not getting into this one. Maybe it is the hour format. Perhaps I can only deal with watching idiots in half-hour doses.

raven56706 05-07-08 09:22 AM

this is becoming more like the show Next... its just becoming so scripted

BDB 05-08-08 01:31 AM

Hey look i'm going to rehab wtf!!!

BDB 05-08-08 01:31 AM

Oh and all the boys got free Canterbury Clothes?

sergtv 05-08-08 03:45 AM

am i the only one that thinks greg needs subtitles when he talks? he's a low talker, have to turn up the volume sometimes. Joey was out of control!

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