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Rogue588 01-29-08 10:12 PM

If you were murdered, who would you want investigating it?
Taking the entire scope of the television cop drama genre into consideration - if you were murdered, who would you want leading the investigation? As sure as i'm breathing, I know there'll be some silly answers...but i'm hoping you'll give a serious one also.

Oh, and the reasons for your selection too..

For me, it would be a toss up between Robert Goren (L&O:CI), Frank Pembleton (H:LOtS) and Andy Sipowicz (NYPD Blue)...with Bobby slightly leading the pack.

chrisih8u 01-29-08 10:24 PM

Maybe Dutch from the Shield.

NORML54601 01-29-08 10:25 PM

Angela Lansbury

DJariya 01-29-08 10:29 PM

Cordell Walker and James Trivette

argh923 01-29-08 10:30 PM

Inspector Gadget.

FinkPish 01-29-08 10:34 PM

Columbo, because he'll always have just one more question.

Layziebones 01-29-08 10:37 PM

Why do I care? Im dead.

mike45 01-29-08 10:43 PM

Autopsy done by Quincy M.E.

Investigation by Columbo

jonnyquest 01-29-08 10:47 PM

Jack Bauer.
Case closed within 24 hours.

Doc MacGyver 01-29-08 10:50 PM

Definitely Bobby Goren, if I want it solved. But Gus and Shaun, if I get to watch the hijinx.


DeanoBKN 01-29-08 10:50 PM

McNulty from The Wire

JuryDuty 01-29-08 10:52 PM

Originally Posted by jonnyquest
Jack Bauer.
Case closed within 24 hours.


JMLEWIS1 01-29-08 11:18 PM

Gil Grissom, he's got the csi team behind him

Michael Corvin 01-29-08 11:24 PM

Gil Grissom for the crime scene investigation, Andy Sipowicz for interrogations.

creekdipper 01-29-08 11:24 PM

Barney Fife.

Because one bullet is all it would take.

Although, if he brought the culprit in alive, I'd want Frank from Homicide to grill the suspect in the box until he/she confessed.

zekeburger1979 01-29-08 11:28 PM

Scully and Mulder since the murder will probably be done by aliens. :D

Birrman54 01-29-08 11:29 PM

McNulty and the Bunk

nsf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQbsnSVM1zM

Maxflier 01-29-08 11:31 PM


Jadzia 01-29-08 11:35 PM

Dexter Morgan!

Patman 01-29-08 11:38 PM


das Monkey 01-29-08 11:41 PM

Conrad McMasters


Eplicon 01-29-08 11:49 PM

Lt. Philip Gerard

Jimmy James 01-30-08 12:12 AM

I'd like Jordan Cavanaugh to be doing my autopsy because she just won't leave well enough alone and she's super hot.

I'll take a team of Frank Pembleton and David Creegan in a joint federal/local investigation of my death.

My wife will be instructed to hire Emerson Cod and his friend Ned as private investigators.

I'm most interested in justice, not revenge. If I wanted revenge, Vic Mackey would be the only way to go. I just don't trust him even as much as I would Creegan to produce the killer without violating constitutional rights, though.

mwbmis 01-30-08 03:31 AM

Originally Posted by Dean Kousoulas
McNulty from The Wire

I don't know; I'm not sure I'd want him to mark up my corpse with Lester's teeth.

I'll take Pembleton and Bayliss. Pembleton b/c he's smart, and Bayliss b/c he would never quit.

If Bayliss did it or covered it up, I'd have to take Veronica Mars.

gfoots 01-30-08 04:21 AM


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