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RichC2 11-30-07 01:15 PM

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
I caught an episode of this on Adult Swim last weekend and was awe struck by it. I can't believe it exists (from 2004), it's airing (on Cartoon Network), and I somehow never heard of it (until now).

Something so creatively absurd about the whole thing that I would up loving the episode I saw (which was about a giant eyeball raping men in a hospital, which in turn caused them to give birth, only to have the lead doctor kidnap the baby eyeball to replace his own grasshopper of a son. Only he can't really plan anything out as the psychic nurse appears to be on to him... type stuff). I actually thought the entire Channel 4/BBC bit was a spoof on top of a spoof.

I actually want some other opinions on this marvelous trainwreck (in a good way) of a show, any other viewers on here?

Edit: I forgot to search first, and there are in fact two other threads on this show, sorry 'bout that.

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Tracer Bullet 11-30-07 01:20 PM

One of which was started by me and got 0 replies. :lol:

I love the show, but it's never gotten any attention here.

RichC2 11-30-07 01:26 PM

:lol: yeah I noticed that.

Well now that it's on yet again, gotta get the word out :D.

RichC2 11-30-07 09:05 PM

Oh and it's on tonight at 11:00 PM, watch it, folks!

starman9000 11-30-07 09:16 PM

Love the show too, I imported the DVD a while ago. It seems weird that it's on the Cartoon Network, but I guess I haven't had cable in years, so I don't really know what they show.

This show really makes his cameo on the Office seem more funny as well.

dadaluholla 11-30-07 11:03 PM

This is one of the best shows to hit Adult Swim in a long time*. I love it.

*Xaiver - Renegade Angel has been pretty good too.

Chaza 12-01-07 01:34 AM

I've had the dvd since it came out, and I love this show, and the spin off was pretty funny too.

skacore 12-02-07 05:54 AM

I was so glad to see this aired in america.....again. Originally Darkplace had a run on SciFi and did not catch on at all so its great to see Matthew Holness get some well deserved attention in the states! Check out Man to Man w/ Dean Learner if you enjoyed Darkplace, its a very different show but equally as hilarious! I highly recommend buying the R2 dvd as it includes two extras, Darkplace Illuminatum & Horrificata Illuminata, which are all the interview bits not included in the episodes. They both run just under 30 min. and are equally as funny if not funnier than some of the episodes.

For those who haven't seen episode 6 yet, I want to mention the brilliance of Matt Berry (Dr. Lucien Sanchez/Todd Rivers) who did the music for the show (Stig Basvik is given music credit but you'll meet him later on Man To Man). He had his own sketch show called "Snuff Box" (best sketch show in years) and did all the music for Coogan's "Saxondale", as well as the musical AD/BC.

mnementh 12-03-07 07:51 AM

Now that the show's been on Adult Swim, is there any news about an R1 DVD release?

dadaluholla 12-15-07 04:25 PM

Originally Posted by mnementh
Now that the show's been on Adult Swim, is there any news about an R1 DVD release?

I seriously hope this gets a US release, because after finally seeing the episode last night with the "One Track Lover" song, I am officially obsessed with this show. I might have to just track down the UK dvd release.

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benedict 12-16-07 06:36 PM

Several of the same actors now feature on Channel 4 comedy "The I.T. Crowd" and also on the (even more?) surreal "The Mighty Boosh" currently on a BBC digital channel in the UK.

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