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PixyJunket 11-12-07 09:52 AM

11/12/07 - Weeds - Protection

Nancy seeks protection from the Biker gang while dealing with Shane who can see his dead father.

islandclaws 11-13-07 06:20 PM

Another 30 minute set up for the next episode. Getting the Mexicans involved could make things interesting. I'm hoping for a big gang fight or something. From the sound of the promo for next week Nancy might be considering moving (?) which I think could only help the show. It worked for Nip/Tuck. Maybe a change of scenery is what we need now. Shane needs to be killed in crossfire or something. He just bugs the fuck out of me now.

JasonF 11-13-07 09:56 PM

Originally Posted by Judah Botwin

Great post! I completely agree.

Gunde 11-14-07 02:27 AM

^ that's funny. Well played :)

mkdevo 11-14-07 05:27 PM

anyone know what the song was at the end of the episode?

stevevt 11-14-07 11:46 PM

Originally Posted by mkdevo
anyone know what the song was at the end of the episode?

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