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critterdvd 09-02-07 08:43 PM

Best Pilot You've Seen?
I was going through my TV-on-DVDs today and I was looking through all the series and I started to think about the first episodes of the series. Some shows have truly amazing pilots, while others had rather horrible ones and it took several episodes to get the show going. And I was just wondering what pilots people find truly amazing and what pilots people find a little lackluster...

Amazing Pilots - "Everwood" (I can watch the pilot a hundred times and it still gets to me and gives me goose bumps), "Roswell" (another series where the pilot got everything from the acting, script, music completely right), and "Alias"

Lackluster - "Six Feet Under" (Many might disagree, but I personally find the pilot boring and without much pizzaz, or maybe it just doesn't hold up to repeated viewings), "The X-Files," and "Gilmore girls"

Cellar Door 09-02-07 08:46 PM

Gordo Cooper!

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Ayre 09-02-07 08:56 PM

Everwood as well. The scene with Ephram and Andy on the front lawn is classic.

Lost. One of TV's finest premieres. I was at the edge of my seat and completely immersed in the story.

Dawson's Creek is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the first episode has become an iconic image of teen angst.

Smallville premiere was one of a very few cinematic shows and it captured the story with both excitement and genuine respect.

Wolf359 09-02-07 09:07 PM

The Shield. I still remember how shocked I was with the final minute of that show.

critterdvd 09-02-07 09:34 PM

Originally Posted by Ayre
Dawson's Creek is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the first episode has become an iconic image of teen angst.

I also mentioned "Dawson's Creek" as well. I watched the show from pilot to series finale and loved every single moment of it. But I was very very young, too young, when the show premiered (I was 10) and a lot of the show went over my head. When the DVDs came out (starting when I was 15) I was able to watch the series finally through the eyes of a teenager and it continuously hit home. Watching the pilot durring the WBs final broadcast night (In my college dorm) it struck me just how perfect the pilot (and first two seasons) really was.

boc4ever 09-02-07 09:44 PM

I'm not sure if you'll count this but the first episode of Dead Like Me from Showtime.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 09-02-07 09:47 PM

West Wing

WallyOPD 09-02-07 09:59 PM

Looking over my collection I'd say Sports Night, Titus, Nowhere Man and Brisco County Jr. all had pretty strong pilots.

Edited to add: The pilot of Boomtown was very good too, probably my favorite episode of the series.

Gizmo 09-02-07 10:04 PM

The O.C.

Bought it on DVD, watched the pilot...and then watched the other 24 or so episode straight. I literally stayed awake 24 hours and watched the entire first season.

wergo 09-02-07 10:24 PM

top five best:

#1 - Firefly (once it finally aired!)

The Shield
Twin Peaks
Veronica Mars

does the Battlestar Galactica miniseries count as a pilot? (it's kinda presented like that now on the DVD box set)

Most of the other shows I like only started out okay, but got much better as they went along.

Not a big fan of the 'Gilmore Girls' pilot. And 'The Wire' takes a while before its greatness becomes apparant.

madcougar 09-02-07 10:26 PM

I remember the pilot for ER was on opposite Monday Night Football in 1993. The Cowboys were playing and I love the Cowboys. But I kept forgetting to go back to ABC for the game as I was just enthralled with ER.

I felt the same way about Lost a few years ago too.

cornyt 09-02-07 10:48 PM

I agree completely about "Boomtown" and "West Wing."

I also thought "Freaks and Geeks" had a great pilot.

hardercore 09-03-07 12:14 AM

Lost, by a tropical island and more.

clckworang 09-03-07 12:24 AM

I agree with the inclusion of the Veronica Mars pilot. It just packed so much information into one episode.

And while I'm not sure if one would call it a pilot, the first episode of The Prisoner is, to me, one of the finest episodes of television ever.

And the other one I would mention is Arrested Development. Not only did it perfectly set up the premise of the show, but it was so funny to boot, but the kind of funny where you must watch it many times to pick up on all the jokes.

Chauzer 09-03-07 12:43 AM

everwood, the shield

DeputyDave 09-03-07 01:20 AM


SiberianLlama 09-03-07 06:35 AM

Friday Night Lights
Studio 60
Murder One

madara 09-03-07 06:43 AM

X-files, Sopranos, Oz, Roswell, Battlestar Gallactica, 24, Farscape and Stargate all got me on day one.

Septemberbaby 09-03-07 07:22 AM

I'll have to go with LOST. It definitely got me hooked in the first 2 min.

astrochimp 09-03-07 07:41 AM

Originally Posted by cornyt
I also thought "Freaks and Geeks" had a great pilot.

Yup :up:

mhg83 09-03-07 08:09 AM

freaks and geeks
dawsons creek
the shield

Superman07 09-03-07 08:41 AM

I can't agree with Everwood and Roswell enough. All of the reasons for Everwood have already been expressed, but I'll reiterate the lawn scene. Speaking of which, where are my S2-4 dvds. :(

Another vote for Roswell. I was HOOKED from the teaser part prior to credits rolling.

I'm glad the OC sucked somebody else in. :) I thought it was dumb and then gave it a chance after my co-worked wouldn't shut up about it. However, as much as I enjoyed it, I wouldn't put it up there with Everwood and Roswell.

I'll have to rewatch Smallville. Given the inconsistency of the show though I have a feeling it will be a strech for me to put it in this category.

MadonnasManOne 09-03-07 08:43 AM

Desperate Housewives. It only took that first episode, and I was hooked.

Same thing with Six Feet Under. I absolutely couldn't stop thinking about it, until the next episode. It was unlike anything I'd seen on television.

Chucky 09-03-07 09:14 AM

Twin Peaks.

aktick 09-03-07 09:18 AM

Lost - but what was weird about it, at least for me, was that I didn't know WTF the show was even about when it started, and obviously didn't know a whole lot after the pilot - but it definitely sucked me in more than any show has before or since.

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