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calhoun07 07-20-07 11:10 PM

Set For Life-ABC
A new game show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel premiered tonight on ABC. I thought I would give it a shot. I can't say I was too impressed. Just another "game" with no skills required whatsoever, and all the annoying stuff from previous recent game shows that I hate. The whole having him pull the tube out slowly (and you know he was coached to do that to build "suspense") was just the top icing on the whole thing to make me turn this crap off. I can't see it lasting any longer than Show Me the Money. At least on Show Me the Money you had to have some skills to win at that game.

I guess it's a commentary on modern society where they feel a need to put the least mentally challenging game shows on TV. I guess that's why they are appealing...it requires zero thought to sit and watch it.

nateman 07-21-07 11:00 AM

You’re preaching to the choir. Primetime television in the next couple of years will probally turn into %100 game/reality shows, because no one wants too thing while watching television anymore it seems. Theirs still quite a few good shows on Primetime TV still but mark my word that one day all dramas, comedies & other well acted television shows will disappear. Why do you think American Idol is the #1 show on PT-TV?... Because it's mindless "I don't have need too think" Garbage television. I miss the days when High Quality shows like M*A*S*H, Cheers & Seinfeld were the top watched shows & they deserved too be. Scrubs, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl & countless other shows should be the highest watched programs but they won't be because it seems too be that more & more people don't like too watch "Smart" or "Original" shows.
Jimmy Kimmel is an alright talk show host but he can get abit annoying at times & unlike Conan he isn't nearly as funny. Plus Conan wouldn't lower himself to hosting a game show, unless NBC made him an offer he..."Couldn't refuse!".

potvin48 07-21-07 11:09 AM

Light it up!

Wow, was this bad. Even the cute kid couldn't save this stinker. I always watch shows the first time the whole way though, but I was not disappointed when my DVR cut the recording off with about 23 minutes left. Weather issues I guess, or it just knew it wouldn't be recorded anymore, so it figured why bother with the rest of this one?

However, you're all right, mindless TV will most likely be a hit here in this country. Deal or No Deal has to be the most mindless of them all, and look how huge it has become.

I still like Jimmy Kimmel though, I am hoping he just couldn't turn down the money they're giving him. He is the lone flicker of a bright spot in this show.

So, my DVR cut off right when they were determining when/if the other guy stopped him. I think he cut him off around $222,000 but I am not sure. How much did he win? Once I know this, I can file this away.

Jadzia 07-21-07 12:07 PM

Worst game show ever.

I started watching it and thinking, oh this payoff will be cool, seeing them work up to higher weekly payments. But when they revealed the game was simply picking numbers, I was dumbfounded. That is it? It is even more simple and boring than Deal or No Deal.

Then to make it worse, after the game ends you have to watch it replayed all over again by the guy in the other room?

Boring as hell. Whoever greenlighted this piece of trash? I could come up with a better game show idea in 5 minutes.

CreamyGoodness 07-21-07 12:16 PM

Yep... Horrible.

Yet another Deal Or No Deal type crapfest.

The ONLY thing that might be entertaining is finding out how far the player's 'guardian angel' lets them go. For example, the first guy who made it to 10 years of checks, but his brother cut him off at 5 years. Wow, there's gonna be some interesting discussions in that family in the years to come - "Well, it's been five years of free money, now let me see, I believe I had another five years coming except that.... Oh yeah, you took them away you douche!" :lol:

Scott27 07-21-07 05:48 PM

What I found odd was them not showing the qualifying round (or whatever Jimmy called it), which apparently determines how much money the contestant plays for. The first guy played for over $4,000 per month, but the second lady "only" played for $2900 per month. There was no explanation for the difference. How screwed up is that?

One thing I'll give them credit for is not going to a commercial in the middle of the contestant pulling out the light. I was expecting it, but they didn't do it (of course, that doesn't mean they won't in the future).

I'm a fan of Kimmel's but even he couldn't save this. I won't be watching it again next week.

innocentfreak 07-21-07 06:04 PM

The only thing that would make this show worth watching is if the "guardian angel" hated the person they were working with and hit the red button at the first chance and the person actually hit set for life.

Deleted my season pass before the first episode finished.

Jadzia 07-22-07 11:53 AM

Originally Posted by Scott27
The first guy played for over $4,000 per month, but the second lady "only" played for $2900 per month. There was no explanation for the difference. How screwed up is that?

Well, women usually are only paid 72 cents for every dollar compared to men. ;)

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