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RoQuEr 05-07-06 05:05 AM

Anyone have Skybybroadband?
Well I was fascinated my the "red button" on all the UK tv remotes when I visited my parents in London. I watched an entire NFL game with the game taking up, half the screen, a looping replay of the last play taking up 1/4, and the other 1/4 scrolling live game statistics. And whoever it was who came up with gambling thru your tv while the game is on is a genius.

Now he tells me that Sky offers skybybroadband, where you can download any of the movies showing on any of the 12 movie channels, and watch it whenever you want in a 30 day period.

Why can't direct TV be this good?

RoQuEr 06-16-06 04:40 AM


BDB 06-16-06 09:37 AM

It's getting there, my mrs works for opentv, and they finally signed a deal with Time Warner.. First of the US vendors.

Opentv provide the middleware for Sky, and lots of other international cable/satellite companies.

The gambling thru the TV clearly won't happen in the US. but the other stuff like multiple angles, playercams and stuff will get here.


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