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flagstone 05-04-06 05:07 PM

"The Prisoner" remake
...with Christopher Eccleston as Number Six?

BBC News Article

I know this story pops up every so often, but this is the first I've heard of Eccleston's involvment. Anybody know anything about the attached writer, Bill Gallagher?

goofee girl 05-04-06 06:07 PM

Hmmm... I know nothing of the writer, but am curious about this remake after watching the original show on DVD. Can't wait to see this one!

ETA: As long as they change the ending of the last episode. What a lame way to end it. :rolleyes:

flagstone 05-04-06 06:31 PM

I think it might be nice if they could do a six-story arc for "season one" with the possibility of future arcs in later seasons, perhaps with other lead characters examining some other aspect of the Village. Just leaving the Village in some state where it could continue to be used as a setting.

If I recall correctly, the earlier series was originally planned to be shorter than it ended up being - they added some episodes in the middle to expand the length of the series. I don't know if it was as short as six episodes though.

Edit: According to one on-line faq, the original outline included only the first five and last two episodes, so this new series isn't much shorter than the original plan.

Groucho 05-04-06 06:32 PM

They're going to get Who to play the prisoner?

flagstone 05-04-06 06:33 PM

Third base.

Achtung 05-04-06 07:07 PM

And on Sky One, oddly enough... didn't know they did British programming.

MGR 05-04-06 08:58 PM

Originally Posted by flagstone
Third base.

But he wanted to know: WHO is playing the Prisoner

sracer 05-04-06 11:18 PM

Originally Posted by MGR
But he wanted to know: WHO is playing the Prisoner

Yes he is. And I hope he does a good job. ;)

Seriously though, a Prisoner remake has to be the dumbest, most assinine ideas in the history of television.

Chew 05-05-06 07:48 AM

Sounds like a good casting choice. I'm much more interested in seeing this as a new (short lived) series than the movie idea that's been bouncing around.

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