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digitalfreaknyc 12-21-05 09:54 PM

New TV Guide Online Search Engine sucks!
I used to be able to use the TV Guide Online search engine to look up whenever my favorite actors and actresses were on TV (even if they were guesting on something) and now it's gone. It's less specific and I don't get notices if they're on TV shows. I sometimes use RockOn TV through VH1 but that doesn't do movie stars.

Does anyone know of a good search engine like TV Guide used to be?

GuessWho 12-21-05 10:05 PM

i use http://tv.yahoo.com/

digitalfreaknyc 12-21-05 11:08 PM

enh. it's ok...but definitely not as thorough as the tv guide one :(

Morf 12-22-05 09:01 AM

I use my TiVo. :)

digitalfreaknyc 12-22-05 10:38 AM

Originally Posted by Morf
I use my TiVo. :)

wow. cool. how does that help me? :)

RayChuang 12-22-05 10:44 AM

Being a registered member of MyWay.com portal site, they have an excellent TV listing system with very good search capability. :up:

digitalfreaknyc 12-23-05 08:06 AM

I might have to try that. thanks :)

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