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TheVelvetRope 10-30-05 10:53 PM

But Can They Sing? (10-30-05)
Wow...by and large, no. I've never heard of half these people. My guess is Morgan Fairchild is feeling pretty good right about now judging by the disasters that have followed her. The "One Tree Hill" guy was alright, and Joey Pants was okay, but Bai Ling, Alexis whoever, the Gotti kid, and the woman who murdered "Don't Know Why"...yikes!!!

Sonny Corinthos 10-31-05 02:45 PM

VH1 hyped the crap out of But can they sing? I bet I saw that commerical a hundred times last week. Everytime I Love the 80s had a break, this would be the first ad they would run. Gimmie a break!

serenitygirl 10-31-05 03:43 PM

Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths to which people will go to get attention/cling to what meager threads of notoriety they have left. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad...

IMRICKJAMES 10-31-05 05:51 PM

Bai Ling is hot

maiana 11-01-05 12:01 PM

but she totally stank up the stage

IMRICKJAMES 11-01-05 03:44 PM

she does have the disadvantage of speaking broken English and heavily accented to boot

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