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Invasion -- "Unnatural Selection" -- 10/19/05

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Invasion -- "Unnatural Selection" -- 10/19/05

Old 10-19-05, 02:21 AM
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Invasion -- "Unnatural Selection" -- 10/19/05

"Unnatural Selection"
Russell questions the mysterious circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a fellow worker.

Cast: William Fichtner, Eddie Cibrian, Lisa Sheridan, Kari Matchett, Tyler Labine, Evan Peters, Ariel Gade, Alexis Dziena, Aisha Hinds, Nathan Baesel, Sylva Kelegian, Ivar Brogger, Veronica Cartwright, Jake Richardson, Stephen Lee, Michael Mitchell, Robert Dickenson , Saida Pagan, Reggie Jordan, Shaun Cassidy.
Director(s): Thomas Schlamme.
Producer(s): Shaun Cassidy, Lawrence Trilling.
Writer(s): Michael Berns.

Original Airdate: October 19, 2005.
Old 10-19-05, 12:18 PM
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Looking forward to this, from the preview last week it looked like things will pick up in this episode.
Old 10-20-05, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Josh Hinkle
looked like things will pick up in this episode.
or no........

geeeesh when the wife hit the church midway into this ep and the priest started his ski story I pretty much felt time stop.

plus clearly the show does not get that no mater HOW much you dark play ominous musical cues it's not going to make something mundane interesting.. for example.. dundundudndun... **moving steel boxes on a power lift**... dunnnnn dundndndn... **more steel boxes being moved on a power lift, much like was we saw last ep.. DUDUDUDNDNDNDUUUN!!!!!!!! MORE BOXES!! Woooooooo whole lot of.......... boxes....... OMFG NO!?!!?

we did get a "slight" forward movement in the total story line.. with the sheriff talking about a plane crash making it sound like he was body snatched a good while back, as in years ago.. I still have no idea why this show is jumped back and forth from say the doctor wife being all knowing and sinister looking to then wide eyed and totaly lost with what is going on with her..

meh.. I still keep watching being I sort of like the cast and nothing else on in HD that I would rather watch.. plus as I have said before, I like the theme still..
Old 10-20-05, 03:20 AM
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To edify, the crash he was referring to was the Valuejet disaster out in the everglades a few years back. This was also mentioned in passing for the pilot ep.
Old 10-20-05, 03:52 AM
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I've had it ... this is off my tivo wishlist.
Old 10-20-05, 07:56 AM
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It sure is going slow...maybe next week. I thought we would see the people who have been taken over discuss their plans in private by now.

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Old 10-20-05, 09:24 AM
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Building slowly.

Don't understand why Mariel seems to not know what is up. Seemed like dead guy's wife knows she is different, also the priest. Is Mariel trying to hold onto her individuality? Does she think she will be less of herself? The sherrif seems to be functioning just fine. Is that because he has been working at it longer?

Wonder why no one followed Larkin from the air base since she was spotted looking at the cases? I expected her to be aggressively pursued after she got in her vehicle.

Still and interesting premise, just not sure how much longer people will remain interested.
Old 10-20-05, 11:05 AM
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Yep, no picking up there.

But I'm still interested and will keep watching. It's well shot and well acted, just needs to move things forward a little faster.
Old 10-22-05, 08:35 AM
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I love it how in every high security complex one can always bypass the "Authorized Personel" locked door by going around the building and entering the conveniently non-security door.

oh. ..and the boxes? What could they hold, alien remains or equipment to be used in the after catastrophe salvage operations?

Why do mysterious rooms have fog/smoke/steam eminating around the doorway?

You can't swing a deadcat around this one without hitting a cliche.

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Old 10-22-05, 09:17 AM
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Larkin was followed by a car with 2 people.
Old 10-23-05, 08:06 AM
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