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Goldberg74 10-01-05 09:27 AM

Without a Trace "Showdown" (9/29/05; S4 Premiere)

Martin and Danny are ambushed by Emil Dornvald, who ends up killing the prisoner they are transoprting. Martin is in serious condition, and a barely wounded Danny is at the end of his rope as he tries to find the man who put Martin in the hospital in critical condition. Jack has his hands full with keeping Danny in check and hunting down Emil Dornvald, the mercenary who had previously worked for General Gamba. Things get sticky when Victor Fitzgerald and Tom Banes of Homeland Security get involved, determined to make a deal with Nuru, whom Jack believes isn't the friendly that Homeland Security believes he is.

Great episode. Glad to see everything resolved from the Season 3 finale.

Wasn't really happy how it went down or how it ended, but it was satisfying. Props to Martin's dad for being a total jerk this time around.

Glad to have the crew back...

... all of them.

Was there anyone besides me that wanted to see Jean Reno as the Dornvald character? ;)

Goldberg74 10-01-05 09:34 AM

w/o a Trace, CSI: NY and Medical Investigation connection below...

Anna Belknap, the actress who played Paige Hobson in this ep (who killed the President in the finale) will start as a regular on CSI:NY in episode 3. Her other CBS rolls have been as Eva Rossi, the PR lady from "Medical Investigation," and Lily on "The Handler."

B.A. 10-01-05 11:26 AM

Glad I saw this thread - it reminded me that I did record the ep.


LorenzoL 10-02-05 07:11 AM

Finally watched the episode and I agree with the weak ending. An average premiere at best for me IMHO.

ruk 10-02-05 07:17 AM

Originally Posted by LorenzoL
Finally watched the episode and I agree with the weak ending. An average premiere at best for me IMHO.


Patman 10-02-05 04:42 PM

Wah? Anna Belknap is getting teamed up with her bud Hill Harper from "The Handler" on her new show? Won't that be a bit interesting (though it still won't entice me to watch that show).

I didn't much care for the season premiere for W/OAT, it was just dull, and has been relegate on the priority viewing list for me for now.

BDB 10-02-05 05:45 PM

Good ep, but not great, too many questions and too many issues.

No way Jack should have been able to get to martin at the same time as the paramedics. That's always an annoyance of mine, I know its tv, but how the hell does he always beat either the local cops or the paramedics.

Chew 10-03-05 11:15 AM

It'll be nice when they finally get the whole gang back together. It just doesn't feel the same without Martin or Viv.

BDB 10-03-05 12:01 PM

Viv's character is getting a bit tiring for me, I love the actress and I think she's a little wasted in this show.

MrX 10-03-05 05:21 PM

a meh episode for me as well.

I did like Danny firing randomly into the room with a hostage and the look on Jack's face:lol:

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