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Premise 09-25-05 03:28 PM

Martha(Stewart) behind bars the movie 9/25
Should make for riveting television.

Martha Behind Bars

calhoun07 09-25-05 06:49 PM

Might be interesting if there was nothing else on, but there is other great stuff tonight. It can't be worse than the previous Martha Stewart movie so this sequel might be kind of interesting, but CBS wants people to miss Desperate Housewives for this? Bah!

Jadzia 09-26-05 09:58 AM

I watched it, not as "high camp" as the first Martha movie, but still pretty fun. I love Cybill Shepherd and she is dead on here. I was pleasantly surprised to see Gale Harold from Queer as Folk playing stock broker Peter Bacanavic. I love him and it was great seeing him play someone besides Brian. More please.

It's a good thing I was recording this because I started watching it a few minutes before 11 and I realized that CBSs entire lineup was nearly an hour behind. I was able to pad my recording to get all of the movie, but because I recorded this I was able to watch the entire episode of Cold Case which had bled over onto my recording of the movie. Whew!

I hate CBS Sunday nights and their incessant delays. It really makes it difficult to follow any of their shows. I wonder how many people on the East Coast actually watched this movie live since it ran into nearly midnight.

Giles 09-26-05 10:03 AM

I thought the first hour was dull. The second half only a tad bit better.

Cybill Shepherd really made Martha out as queen bitch of the universe.

CPA-ESQ. 09-27-05 09:49 AM

Well I'm on the East Coast and I recorded the movie - or should I say 1hr of cold case and 1 hr or Martha.

The first hour was ok... I would have liked to see the 2nd hour.

Hopefully it will be replayed

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