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Goldberg74 05-21-05 02:35 PM

Crossing Jordan (5/15/05): "Jump Push Fall"
Is Dr. Macy (Miguel Ferrer) really out of a job and leaving the show? Is he being replaced by Dr. Slokam (Henry Winkler)?

I think that is what they are leading us to believe...

... I hate cliff hangers like this.

Just for kicks, this is what NBC released with its Fall Schedule:

"Crossing Jordan" caps off the week for NBC having retained 98% of its 18-49 lead-in to keep NBC a competitive number two in the hour.
Now that's not bad.

Anyone other than me still watching this after four seasons?

mikehunt 05-21-05 03:14 PM

I still watch.
watching Robocop last night was funny as I kept picturing the Dr Macy character instead of Bob Morton

Goldberg74 05-21-05 03:54 PM

... found a CNN article that discusses the "surprise."


Jimmy James 05-21-05 04:12 PM

I still watch, but I miss the show I grew to love in the first two years. Upping the CSI factor may have been the only way to save the show after losing so badly to CSI Miami and then getting pulled for Hennessy's pregnancy. It still really sucks to see a procedural where there once wasn't one. I miss Ken Howard the most.

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